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Securing Twenty One Pilots tickets often feels like a mix of excitement and challenge, especially as the Clancy World Tour ignites stages worldwide. The rush for tickets underscores not just the duo's immense popularity but also fans' deep desire to share in Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun’s electrifying live performances.

It's more than attending a concert; it's about embarking on a musical journey with them that resonates with hearts across the globe.

Drawing from our rich experience in navigating the event ticketing maze, we've gathered some insider tips to help you grab those coveted passes without breaking into a sweat. Witnessing firsthand how quickly Twenty One Pilots events sell out and understanding the fervor of their fanbase has equipped us with knowledge we're eager to share.

Get ready; this could be your smooth path to an unforgettable music adventure.

Key Takeaways

  • Twenty One Pilots are touring in November 2024, hitting cities like Auckland, Melbourne, and Brisbane. Tickets went on sale April 5, 2024.
  • You can buy tickets from Ticketmaster for the MGM Grand Garden Arena show in Las Vegas or AXS.com for other locations.
  • Save money by buying early during presale, comparing prices across sites, joining fan clubs for discounts, and considering seats with a less perfect view.


Twenty One Pilots Tour Dates & Concert Information

Get ready for a blast, because Twenty One Pilots are hitting the road—bringing their unique sound to fans everywhere. Check out their tour schedule and grab all the ticket info you need.

Upcoming Tour Dates

We're thrilled to share the latest on Twenty One Pilots' tour dates. Fans from down under to across the globe, get ready, because the band has an exhilarating lineup of concerts planned. Here's a quick glance at where you'll find them rocking the stage in November 2024:


Date City Venue
November 1, 2024 Auckland To Be Announced
November 5, 2024 Melbourne To Be Announced
November 8, 2024 Brisbane To Be Announced


Mark your calendars—Twenty One Pilots' The Clancy World Tour tickets went on sale to the general public on April 5, 2024. With 75 upcoming concerts scheduled across 20 countries, the band's electrifying performances are something you won't want to miss.

Ticket Information

Moving from the excitement of touring dates, let's talk tickets. The Clancy World Tour has fans on edge, and we're here to guide you through getting those sought-after passes. Tickets hit the public sphere via Ticketmaster on April 5, 2024.

Mark your calendars—this date is crucial.

For those eyeing a spot at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas this August, Live Nation is your go-to for securing admission. Given the buzz around Twenty One Pilots shows, acting fast isn't just advice—it's essential.

Demand spikes quickly, and hesitation often leads to missing out.


Early birds catch the best seats—don't wait too long to grab your Twenty One Pilots tickets.


How to Buy Twenty One Pilots Tickets

Want to see Twenty One Pilots live? Finding tickets is easy. Check official band and venue websites, plus other trusted ticket sellers, for the best deals and seats. Keep an eye out for sales and special offers to grab your tickets at a great price!

Where to Buy Tickets

We can get tickets for Twenty One Pilots' upcoming shows through a few select places. For their big night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, NV on August 31, 2024, head over to AXS.com.

This site is our go-to for snagging those seats. Then, if we're planning to catch them at the Intuit Dome in Inglewood, CA on August 27, 2024, Ticketmaster is where we'll find parking tickets ready for purchase.

These sites make it easy and quick for us to secure our spots without hassle.

Tips for Getting Cheap Tickets

Once you know where to buy your tickets, finding ways to save money is the next step. Everyone loves a good deal, especially on Twenty One Pilots tickets. Here's how we score cheap seats:


  1. Mark presale dates on your calendar. Getting in early often means getting a better price. Plus, some presales come with exclusive offers that aren't available later.
  2. Compare prices across different platforms. Not all ticket sellers list for the same price — some might have deals or lower fees.
  3. Join fan clubs or email lists for discounts. Sometimes, being a fan pays off with special prices or early access codes.
  4. Check out lesser - known resellers. While big names might come to mind first, smaller sites and local sellers can surprise you with their offers.
  5. Use social media to your advantage. Follow venues, artists, and fan pages for last - minute deals or giveaways.
  6. Consider seats with an obstructed view or further back — they're often much cheaper and still provide a good concert experience.
  7. Timing can be everything; buying tickets right before an event can lead to savings if sellers are looking to offload remaining seats.
  8. , Be ready at the time tickets go on sale; sometimes the best prices are those first listed.
  9. , Remember that patience pays off - waiting for a drop in demand could mean snagging a great deal closer to the day of the show.


Following these steps helps us keep costs down while still catching our favorite band live — proving that seeing Twenty One Pilots doesn't have to break the bank!


We all want to see Twenty One Pilots live, right? Grabbing those tickets feels like a big win. With the Clancy World Tour on the horizon, excitement bubbles up. We've laid out how and where you can secure your spot at one of their shows--Ticketmaster.com is your go-to.

Remember, tickets fly fast and there's a six-ticket cap per purchase...so act quick! The buzz around this tour, especially with new music coming in 2024, means we're all in for an unforgettable experience.

Let's make sure we're part of it by getting our tickets early.


1. Where can I find the Twenty One Pilots schedule?

The Twenty One Pilots schedule is available online, on their official website, and through various ticketing platforms. Check often for updates.

2. How do I buy Twenty One Pilots tickets?

Tickets are sold online. Visit ticket-selling websites or the band's page for links to purchase.

3. Are there VIP packages for Twenty One Pilots concerts?

Yes, some shows offer VIP packages. These provide special benefits like early entry or exclusive merchandise.

4. What should I do if a show is sold out?

Look for official resale options or check back later; sometimes additional tickets are released closer to the concert date.