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Finding Rage Against The Machine tickets is like embarking on a modern-day treasure hunt, especially with the band now in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and their passionate stance on keeping ticket prices fair.

Each time they announce a show, the rush of excitement feels like striking gold. Our mission? To navigate you through this thrilling quest for tickets without hitting any snags.

Through years immersed in the live music scene, we've become quite adept at securing seats to high-demand concerts. And yes, faced with concert cancellations and reschedules — such as Rage Against The Machine's 2023 North American tour being called off — has only made us more agile and prepared to pivot when necessary.

Buckle up; you're about to get some insider tips that might just lead you to those elusive tickets.

Key Takeaways

  • Rage Against The Machine moved their 2021 Madison Square Garden show to 2022. If you kept your tickets, they are still good for the new dates.
  • You can buy real Rage Against The Machine tickets from the official Ticketmaster site. This makes sure you get real tickets and help with any changes.
  • Other places like SeatGeek, Vivid Seats, and StubHub also sell tickets. They offer deals and a safe way to buy them. Each has its own benefits for finding seats or special tribute concert tickets.
  • Every ticket bought for the moved dates will work for the new ones. If needed, you can ask for a refund until March 15th, 2022.
  • Prices for most seats go up to $125, making it affordable compared to other high - demand concerts.


Rage Against The Machine Tour Update

The Rage Against The Machine tour had to push their 2021 Madison Square Garden show to 2022. Don't worry, if you had tickets, they're still good for the new date.

2021 Madison Square Garden Show Rescheduled to 2022

We've got news for all Rage Against The Machine fans out there. The 2021 Madison Square Garden show is now set for 2022. Yes, you heard it right. If you were planning to see them live this year, mark your new calendars.

They'll end their tour with a bang during a five-night run at the iconic venue on August 8, 9, and 11.

For those who kept their tickets from the original 2020 performance postponed to 2021 — don't worry. Your tickets are still good for the rescheduled dates next year. There's no need to do anything; just hold onto your tickets, and they'll be honored at the door.

So where can you buy Rage Against The Machine tickets if you haven't got yours yet? The best place is through the Official Ticketmaster site. Yes, directly from the source ensures you're getting real tickets and keeps things simple should any more changes happen—just something to think about as we look forward to these amazing shows in 2022!

All Tickets Will Be Honored for New Date

If you already bought tickets for the Rage Against The Machine show, you're in luck. Every ticket for the moved dates will still work for the new ones. No need to worry or do anything extra.

If your plans have changed, though, you can ask for a refund until March 15th, 2022.

Fans should know that their seats are safe and waiting for them at the rescheduled shows. This means if you were set to see Rage Against The Machine rip it up on stage this year, your ticket is automatically good for the same seat on the new date.

We want everyone to look forward to these amazing concerts without any stress about their tickets. With every ticket honored, we're all set to rock out as planned - just on a different day.


Your Rage Against The Machine experience awaits – hold onto your tickets, and we'll see you there!


Now let's talk about where you can buy these golden tickets so you won't miss out!

Where to Buy Rage Against The Machine Tickets

Looking for tickets to see Rage Against The Machine? Check out the official Ticketmaster site first.

Official Ticketmaster Site

We always recommend the official Ticketmaster site for buying Rage Against the Machine tickets. This site gives you all the details you need about tour dates, concert schedules, and other important information.

It's easy to use and safe, making sure you get your tickets without any hassle.

Tom Morello from Rage Against the Machine has even talked about Ticketmaster's dynamic pricing. The website also tells you that it uses cookies in the "Cookie Settings" section. That means they make sure to give you a smooth online experience while keeping your info secure.


Moving from one ticket platform to another, we find ourselves exploring a popular choice among fans looking for Rage Against The Machine tickets. This platform stands out not just for mainstream events but also for special tributes like those to Rage Against The Machine & Linkin Park.

It's a go-to spot if you're on the hunt for Bombtrack - Tribute to Rage Against The Machine tickets, offering an array of options.


Finding the best deals on tickets just got easier.


It simplifies the search and purchase process significantly. With a user-friendly interface, it takes away the hassle of going through multiple sources to find what you are looking for.

Whether it's concerts or tribute shows you’re interested in, this platform ensures you get your hands on those sought-after tickets without breaking a sweat.

Vivid Seats

We know you're looking for the best deals on Rage Against The Machine tickets for their upcoming 2024 tour dates. Good news—we've got a great option for you. You can count on us to connect you with the cheapest prices available, making it easier to see your favorite band live without breaking the bank.

Plus, picking the best seats is simple through our platform, ensuring an unforgettable concert experience.

Our commitment doesn’t stop at low prices and great seating options. We provide a 100% Buyer Guarantee for tickets purchased for RATM2 - A Tribute to Rage Against The Machine and War Within A Breath - A Tribute to Rage Against The Machine events.

This means you can buy your tickets with complete confidence, knowing that we stand by our promise of authenticity and timely delivery for these concerts and tribute events.

Shopping with us means peace of mind—knowing that we’re a reliable source for all your Rage Against The Machine concert needs. Whether it’s securing tickets or choosing just the right spot to enjoy the show, we're here every step of the way.


We find StubHub a go-to platform for buying and selling Rage Against The Machine tickets. Fans get easy access to purchase spots for all the band's shows, including those happening in Minneapolis, San Diego, and Sioux Falls.

It's not just about the original concerts; tribute band performances are also up for grabs here.

The site makes it simple to locate tickets for top music events beyond just our favorite band. Want in on Pearl Jam pits or Foo Fighters in New Hampshire? This is your spot. Plus, whether you're eyeing a specific city like Austin, Texas or just browsing for any location where they're tearing it down live, we've got you covered through this reliable platform that bridges fans with both original and tribute Rage Against The Machine experiences.


Getting your hands on Rage Against The Machine tickets feels like striking gold. With the band hitting the road again, we all have a shot at witnessing their electric live performances.

Whether it's through Ticketmaster or other sites, options to grab those sought-after tickets await. Remember, prices top out at $125 for most seats – music to our ears in an age of pricey events.

Let's ready ourselves for unforgettable concert experiences with one of rock's most iconic acts.


1. How do I get tickets for a Rage Against The Machine show?

Easy! Check their tour schedule online, pick your event date, and buy the tickets through the official website or authorized ticket sellers.

2. Are there any upcoming Rage Against The Machine tour dates?

Yes, they have several tour dates lined up. For the most current information, always refer to their official schedule.

3. Can I find out when Rage Against The Machine will be in my city?

Absolutely, just look at their tour schedule. It lists all cities and dates for upcoming shows.

4. What if a Rage Against The Machine event is canceled?

Don't worry—you'll likely get a refund or an option to attend a rescheduled show. Always check with your ticket provider for details.