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Getting your hands on Luke Combs tickets can feel like you're trying to climb Mount Everest without a guide - daunting, right? After all, he's not just anyone; he's the CMA Entertainer of the Year with 2024 tour dates that disappear faster than ice cream on a hot day.

But don't worry, we've got you covered. With our years tucked into the fast-paced world of music events and ticket hunting, we're here to share some insider know-how that'll move securing those elusive Luke Combs concert tickets from your dreams into reality.

Through countless concerts and tours, we've learned the ropes—figuring out every twist in the ticket-buying journey. We're passionate about turning what seems like a complex puzzle into simple steps you can follow easily.

Ready for these game-changing tips? Let’s dive in together.

Key Takeaways

  • Luke Combs’ 2024 tour is named "Growing Up and Getting Old" with stops at big stadiums across North America. The Bootleggers Membership gives fans early access to tickets.
  • Cheap ticket tips include sites like CheapTickets, VIP Tickets Canada, and joining the Bootleggers membership for a 10% discount. Selling unwanted tickets on approved platforms can help cut costs.
  • Parking for concerts ranges from $20 - $80, but some places offer cheaper or even free options. Shuttle services are available at some venues for an easy way to get there.
  • Fans have a chance to meet Luke Combs through the V.I.B. Meet & Greet program or free meet & greet options during his world tour shows. VIP tickets might include special merchandise too.
  • Reading fan reviews and getting recommendations can enhance your concert experience, like finding good after-show spots or using shuttle services for transportation.


Luke Combs Tickets - Finding and Purchasing Them

Getting your hands on Luke Combs tickets is easier than you might think. We'll guide you through where and how to snag those sought-after seats for his next show.

2024 Concert Tour Dates

We're here to share all about Luke Combs' 2024 tour, dubbed "Growing Up and Getting Old." This tour is packed with dates and venues that fans won't want to miss. For those eager for the live experience, there's good news—details on how to be part of it are straightforward, especially for members of Luke Combs' Bootleggers Membership. Let's dive into the specifics:


  • The tour kicks off at Commanders Field, bringing an electrifying start to what promises to be an unforgettable series of shows.
  • Next, fans can catch Luke Combs at American Family Field, guaranteeing another round of incredible performances.
  • Members of the Bootleggers Membership have first dibs on tickets. This means getting ahead of the crowd for the best spots.
  • Throughout North America, from east to west and north to south, this tour spans several major stadiums and arenas—each chosen for its iconic status and ability to host a party like no other.


Across these dates and venues, we see a mix of locations that will cater not just to local fans but also those willing to travel for the ultimate Luke Combs experience. Each show on the schedule promises a setlist filled with hits and maybe even some surprises—making every concert unique.

For those looking out for more details such as specific dates and how to secure your spot at one of these shows—checking out Luke Combs' official website or being part of his Bootleggers Membership is your best bet. There, you'll find all you need to ensure you don't miss out on what's bound to be some of the most talked-about concerts in 2024.

How to Buy Cheap Tickets

Buying cheap tickets for a Luke Combs tour doesn't have to be hard. We have some tips to help us all save money and still enjoy the show.


  1. Check out CheapTickets for deals – This site often has lower prices for Luke Combs event tickets. We might find what we're looking for at a great price.
  2. Use VIP Tickets Canada – Another good spot for discounts on Luke Combs tour dates. They often have competitive pricing that can help us save.
  3. Join the Bootleggers membership – By becoming members, we get a 10% discount on certain purchases, including some tickets. This program also offers other special benefits that could make buying merchandise or additional tickets cheaper.
  4. Look for special venue offers – Sometimes, venues hosting the Luke Combs show provide deals or promotions directly through their websites or box offices.
  5. Sell tickets if plans change – If someone in our group can't make it, selling the ticket through approved platforms can help recover some costs. Just make sure to use trustworthy sites.
  6. Keep an eye out for fan presales and search terms related to cheap Luke Combs tickets – Being quick on these deals makes a big difference in what we end up paying.
  7. Consider timing when buying – Ticket prices can fluctuate based on demand and how close the event is. Sometimes waiting can pay off with lower prices as the event date approaches.


Following these steps, we secure our spots at a Luke Combs concert without breaking the bank. Let's enjoy the music and experience together!

Ticket Prices

Understanding ticket prices for Luke Combs concerts is crucial for us as fans. We always aim for the best deals, keeping in mind that the average ticket cost hovered around $225 in 2023. Prices, of course, vary by date and location, adding a layer of strategy to our purchasing process.


Date & Location Starting Price Notes
2024 Concert Tour Dates Varies Check specific dates and locations for exact pricing.
Cheapest Show - July 7th, Tampa (Raymond James Stadium) $11 Noteworthy for being the most affordable entry point.
AXS Premium Options Market Value Direct access to premium tickets, with fluctuating prices and availability.


We explore various platforms for tickets, ensuring we access the best deals. Remember, ticket prices are subject to change, influenced by demand, location, and special offerings like VIP packages. Our strategy involves early searches and staying updated on pricing trends, maximizing chances for great value. Always, we consider all options, including official ticket sources and verified resellers, to guarantee a memorable experience at Luke Combs' concerts.

Tips for Attending a Luke Combs Concert

Heading to a Luke Combs concert? Great choice! Just remember, planning ahead makes everything smoother. Look into parking options early and think about how you'll get there. Also, don't miss out on the exclusive merch and possible meet & greet chances – they make the experience extra special.

Fans often share useful advice, like the best spots to stand or sit, so checking out reviews can really pay off.

Parking and Transportation

We all agree, getting to a Luke Combs concert is just the beginning. It’s about parking and how you get there that also matters. Here's what we need to know to make our arrival as smooth as a country song.


  1. Parking costs can vary — expect anywhere from $20 to $80 at some venues. It pays to check ahead.
  2. Discounts could be up for grabs for students and seniors, so let's look out for those deals.
  3. Buying parking passes early is smart. This way, we avoid last - minute rushes and ensure we have a spot waiting for us.
  4. For concerts on campuses, extra parking might be available through their transportation services. Worth a check if we're heading to one of these locations.
  5. Good news! Some places offer free parking for Luke Combs' concerts. Let's find those spots.
  6. Keep an eye out for residents near venues charging for lawn parking, which might range from $20 - $60 — sometimes, it’s the closest option we've got.


Next up, let’s talk merchandise and meet & greets...

Merchandise and Meet & Greets

Getting Luke Combs tickets comes with exciting perks, like exclusive merchandise and a chance for meet & greets. Here's what we know and how you can join in.


  1. Bootleggers exclusive V.I.B. Meet & Greet program is our go-to for meet-ups on Saturday headlining tour dates. Fans must sign up, but it’s worth it.
  2. Luke Combs makes sure his concerts are affordable for all. That means free meet & greet options come with his world tour shows.
  3. To get in early for tickets and meet & greet chances, Ticketmaster Verified Registration is where we sign up.
  4. The commitment from Luke Combs to keep concert experiences open to everyone includes these meet & greet opportunities.
  5. VIP tickets bring more than just good seats; they offer exclusive merchandise too, which is perfect for any Luke Combs fan looking to collect something special from the show.


In these ways, attending a Luke Combs concert offers more than music – it’s about unique experiences and special memories with one of country music’s biggest stars.

Fan Reviews and Recommendations

We've heard from many fans who deeply regret not asking for recommendations sooner about attending a Luke Combs concert. They share stories of their own experiences, wishing they had known more about what to expect and how to make the most out of it.

One thing people often mention is looking for tips on great country music bars in New York City where they can keep the vibes going after the concert. It's clear that even those who aren't usually into country music find themselves drawn to Luke Combs' performances, seeking out spots where they can continue enjoying similar tunes.


Everyone should try the shuttle service; it starts at 3 PM and costs only $1.30 each way.


Fans also rave about using a convenient shuttle service to get to and from concerts, highlighting its affordability with tickets costing just $1.30 each way and discounts available for students and seniors.

This handy tip has become a staple piece of advice among the community, ensuring everyone enjoys their time without worrying much about transportation or parking hassles.


We all want to experience the thrill of a Luke Combs concert. With his 2024 tour on the horizon, now's the time to act fast for tickets. Remember, options are out there for snagging a good deal—even for those sold-out nights.

Check his official site or Ticketmaster for updates and tailgate info. Ready your cowboy boots and voices—seeing Luke live is an adventure we're itching to embark on together!


1. How do I find Luke Combs' schedule?

Check online for the latest on Luke Combs' tour dates. It’s where you’ll see all his stops and when he’s coming to a city near you.

2. Can I buy tickets for any show on Luke Combs’ schedule?

Yes, once dates are announced, tickets become available. Act fast—they sell out quickly!

3. Where's the best place to get tickets for a Luke Combs concert?

Official ticket sites and the artist’s website are your safest bets for snagging those sought-after tickets.

4. What if a show is sold out? Any tips?

Keep an eye on official resale options or fan forums—sometimes people sell their extras at face value!