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Securing tickets to a Def Leppard show might feel like navigating through a maze, with all the options and venues out there. Yet, nothing compares to the thrill of watching this legendary band live—known for their explosive "Pyromania" album.

Our guide is here to cut through that confusion, offering clear steps on snagging those coveted passes. With our experience in the music event scene, we're excited to share insider tips on getting your hands on Def Leppard tickets for their upcoming tours.

We know the drill—sifting through websites late into the night, hunting for deals that won't empty your wallet. From experiencing The Stadium Tour in 2022 to eagerly anticipating The World Tour set for 2023 and beyond, we've learned a thing or two about securing those perfect seats, even managing to get floor spots that put you right in the heart of the action.

Let us help make sure you're front and center when Def Leppard rocks Busch Stadium alongside Journey and Cheap Trick in 2024. Stick with us; finding tickets just became a whole lot simpler.

Key Takeaways

  • Def Leppard has exciting tours planned including The Stadium Tour in 2022 and The World Tour in 2023, with tickets for these events selling fast.
  • In 2024, they will launch The Summer Stadium Tour featuring special guests like Journey, Cheap Trick, and the Steve Miller Band at select venues.
  • Tickets are available on Ticketmaster starting at $40, covering major locations such as Busch Stadium and Oracle Park.
  • To find cheap Def Leppard tickets, start early, compare multiple sites, sign up for alerts, use promo codes when possible and consider buying bulk or picking weekday shows for better deals.
  • For an up - close experience at a concert, fans can buy Platinum or floor seats through the official ticketing site to ensure the best view of the performance.


Upcoming Tour Dates

Def Leppard is hitting the road with exciting shows lined up. Check out their Stadium Tour in 2022 and World Tour in 2023 for a chance to rock out live.

The Stadium Tour (2022)

We hit the road for The Stadium Tour in 2022, rocking from June 16 to September 9. It was massive! Over 1.3 million tickets found their owners as fans came out in droves to see us alongside Mötley Crüe.

One of the highlights? Our show at Lucas Oil Stadium on August 16, a night we'll never forget. With 36 dates across North America, every city buzzed with excitement.

The energy at each stop was electric, showing just how much you all love live music. Every seat filled made us feel more connected to you.


“Every concert felt like a homecoming; your cheers and smiles were our fuel.”


We promised a tour that would shake the stadium walls and we delivered - thanks to you, it became one of those unforgettable adventures. Looking ahead, we've got more in store with The World Tour happening next year too.

The World Tour (2023)

We're hitting the road for The World Tour in 2023 after our North American stadium shows sold over 1.3 million tickets! This tour takes us across Europe, Latin America, Australia, and back to the United States.

Exciting news — Mötley Crüe and Def Leppard will share the stage, with Alice Cooper joining on select dates.

Tickets have gone on sale at different times depending on where you are. Check local listings to snag yours. Based on how fast tickets flew off the shelves last time, it's a good idea to act quickly.

As we travel from city to city, we hope you'll join us for what promises to be an unforgettable series of concerts filled with classic hits and thrilling performances. See you there!

How to Buy Def Leppard Tickets

Buying Def Leppard tickets is easy, just head to the band's official website or check out authorized ticket sellers. Make sure you're quick, as these rock legends sell out fast!

Def Leppard Ticket Prices & 2024 The Summer Stadium Tour Details

We're thrilled to share the excitement of the 2024 The Summer Stadium Tour, featuring Def Leppard, Journey, and Cheap Trick, along with a special performance by Steve Miller Band at Oracle Park. Here's a concise breakdown of the ticket prices and essential details you need to know:


Date Location Featured Artists Starting Ticket Price
July 6, 2024 Busch Stadium Def Leppard, Journey, Cheap Trick $40
August 28, 2024 Oracle Park Def Leppard, Journey, Steve Miller Band $40


Tickets are available on platforms like Ticketmaster. With prices starting at $40, it's an opportunity not to be missed. Expect these concerts to be filled with timeless rock anthems and the greatest hits. Don't wait too long, as tickets are selling fast for this highly anticipated tour.

How To Get Cheap Def Leppard Tickets

After discussing Def Leppard ticket prices and details for the upcoming 2024 Summer Stadium Tour, let's focus on how to score cheap Def Leppard tickets. Everyone loves a good deal, and we’ve got tips to help.


  1. Start early: The sooner you look for tickets, the better your chances of finding a great deal.
  2. Check multiple sites: Don't just stick to one ticket seller. Compare prices across different platforms.
  3. Sign up for alerts: Many ticket-selling websites allow you to set up notifications for when ticket prices drop.
  4. Look for discounts: Sometimes, promo codes are available that can save you money on your purchase.
  5. Consider off-peak shows: Tickets for weekday shows or concerts in smaller cities might be cheaper.
  6. Join fan clubs: Being part of Def Leppard's official fan club could get you access to presale tickets at lower prices.
  7. Use social media: Follow Def Leppard and ticket sellers on social media for any exclusive deals or last-minute offers.
  8. Think about seat location: Seats further from the stage are usually less expensive but still offer a great experience.
  9. Buy in bulk: Sometimes, buying more tickets at once can save money per ticket.


Remember, using a discount code like the one mentioned earlier could knock $10 off a purchase of $250+. Every little bit helps when trying to attend a concert on a budget!

Def Leppard Floor Seats

Finding affordable Def Leppard tickets is just the start. Next, let's talk about getting up close with floor seats at a Def Leppard concert. These spots offer fans an unmatched view and experience.

You'll be right there where the action is, feeling every beat and riff.

Fans can pick their perfect spot by buying Platinum tickets from the official event ticketing site. Want to stand close to your heroes? Check out seating maps for the best views at the concert.

Just remember, once you're on the floor, make sure your ticket gets scanned and you grab a wristband before diving into the music magic.

This personalized seat selection ensures every fan finds their ideal place to watch Def Leppard rock it live – whether that means being front and center or having a bit more space but still soaking in all the energy of a live show.

Will Def Leppard Tour in 2024?

After checking out those amazing floor seats, let's talk about what's next for Def Leppard. Yes, they are hitting the road in 2024! They've got something special planned with The Summer Stadium Tour.

Fans can catch them alongside rock legends Journey and Cheap Trick. It's going to be a blast with stops at big spots like Busch Stadium in St. Louis and Oracle Park in San Francisco.


Get ready to rock out under the summer sky—Def Leppard is bringing their epic sound to stadiums across the country!


They're not just stopping there; some shows will even have the Steve Miller Band rocking out as special guests. Starting in July 2024, this tour is set to fill your summer with unforgettable tunes and electric performances.

Tickets? They're up for grabs now, including some really cool VIP experiences for those looking to make it extra special. With such a lineup and high demand, these tickets will fly fast—so don't wait too long!


We're thrilled about the upcoming Def Leppard tours. From hitting stages worldwide in 2023 to rocking The Summer Stadium Tour in 2024, there's something for every fan. Ticket buying is simple--check out the official Ticketmaster website or explore other options for deals.

With prices starting at $40, grabbing your spot to see these rock legends won't break the bank. Ready to experience the electrifying energy of a live show? Now's your chance! Don't miss out on seeing Def Leppard live; it promises to be an unforgettable music journey.


1. How do I find Def Leppard tour dates?

Check their schedule online. It lists all the cities and dates for their events.

2. Can I buy Def Leppard tickets for any event?

Yes, you can! Tickets are available for purchase on various websites - just look up the specific date you're interested in.

3. Will there be more Def Leppard tour dates added?

Possibly, yes. Keep an eye on updates – new locations might pop up as plans evolve.

4. What if a Def Leppard event gets canceled?

Don't worry, you'll get options – like refunds or rescheduling details. Always check with your ticket provider for specifics.