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Securing tickets to see Dua Lipa live in concert can feel like you're entering a high-stakes lottery, especially with her 2024 tour on the horizon. As ticket prices swing from $52.65 to $146.75 for a night at iconic venues such as The Royal Albert Hall, fans are on pins and needles trying to snag their spots.

This article cuts through the anticipation, guiding you smoothly through where and how to purchase tickets so you're locked and loaded once sales kick off.

Drawing from our treasure trove of experience in navigating the ebbs and flows of the music and event scene, we've cherry-picked strategies that really work for snatching those elusive concert tickets.

Our journey has been speckled with triumphant moments (alongside a few "better luck next time" scenarios), equipping us with insights that we’re now passing along to you. So buckle up—we're about to make your ticket-buying experience as smooth as silk.

Key Takeaways

  • Dua Lipa's Radical Optimism Tour is going global in 2024 with shows across nine countries. Fans can see her live by buying tickets early due to high demand.
  • Ticket prices for Dua Lipa's concerts start at $112. People can buy them from the official website or Ticketmaster, which offer a range of seating options.
  • For those who find tickets sold out, resale sites like StubHub and SeatGeek are good options. They come with a 100% guarantee for buyers' peace of mind.
  • To get tickets, fans should check schedules early, join waiting rooms on sale days, and be flexible with dates and locations. Persistence often pays off in securing seats.


Upcoming Dua Lipa Events and Tour Dates

Dua Lipa is hitting the road, bringing her electrifying performances across the globe. Keep an eye out for dates in both the United States and internationally — you won't want to miss out.

United States and International

Last year, we all had the chance to catch Dua Lipa live on her Future Nostalgia Tour across the United States. It was amazing! Now, she's taking her Radical Optimism Tour global, hitting big cities in France, Germany, and Croatia.

She's not just stopping there; she has 13 shows lined up in 2024 across nine countries. Each show promises an unforgettable experience with her stunning performances.

We can find tickets for these events in several places. For those looking to attend a Dua Lipa event or score some Dua Lipa tickets, starting at the official website or Ticketmaster is a good bet.

These spots often offer a wide range of options from front row seats to more affordable choices—making sure everyone gets a chance to see her perform live.

Scoring tickets early is key because they sell out fast! And remember, prices vary based on location and seat choice. So whether it's in the heart of Europe or back here in the United States for any upcoming Dua Lipa tour dates or shows – being quick and flexible will help us lock down those sought-after spots to witness her electrifying stage presence firsthand.

Available Tickets and Prices

We've got all the details on available Dua Lipa tickets and prices for her eagerly anticipated 2024 concert tour dates. With options available through the official website and Ticketmaster, finding the perfect spot to witness her stunning performances has never been easier. Prices kick off at $112, ensuring fans can find options that fit their budget without sacrificing the experience. Here’s a quick glance at what’s available:


Location Date Starting Price Purchase Through
United States 2024 $112 Official Website, Ticketmaster
International 2024 $112 Official Website, Ticketmaster


Every ticket comes with a 100% Buyer Guarantee—peace of mind is part of the package. Our tips will help you secure your tickets smoothly, ensuring you're all set to enjoy an unforgettable live experience with Dua Lipa. Keep these details handy and make your move to be part of the 2024 tour.

How to Purchase Dua Lipa Tickets

Buying Dua Lipa tickets is easy. You can get them from the official website or Ticketmaster.

Official Website and Ticketmaster

The best place to find tickets for a Dua Lipa show is on her official website and Ticketmaster. Here, fans can get all the info they need—tour dates, concert details, photos, and reviews.

The sites are user-friendly and offer a variety of ticket options for different concerts. Plus, signing up for updates ensures you won't miss out on any sales or important news about Dua Lipa's schedule.

Ticketmaster makes it easy to search for festival dates, prices, lineup information—and don’t forget about accessible tickets! Just click the Accessible Tickets button to see what’s available.

Keep in mind that the venues themselves set these options.


Never miss a beat or a chance to see Dua Lipa live; check her official site and Ticketmaster for all your ticket needs.


Resale Tickets on StubHub and SeatGeek

We know finding tickets for Dua Lipa's concert can get tough. That's why we look at trusted sites like StubHub and another leading platform—our go-to spots for snagging those hard-to-find tickets.

With both platforms offering a 100% guarantee, we feel safe grabbing our passes there. It means if something goes wrong, we're covered.

Buying through these sites also has its perks. For one, the second site is the official ticket partner of big events like the Cotton Bowl. Knowing this gives us extra peace of mind about our purchase being legit and hassle-free.

We always keep an eye out for deals here, ensuring we don't miss out on seeing Dua Lipa live due to sold-out shows or sky-high prices at other places.

Securing our seats from these resale websites feels pretty straightforward—and with their guarantees in place, it takes away most of the worry about fake tickets or getting scammed.

It’s a relief knowing we have reliable options that stand behind their sales, so all that’s left is to enjoy the show!

Tips for Securing Tickets

Getting tickets for Dua Lipa's concerts can feel like a little victory. Here are the steps we follow to make sure we're in the crowd, singing along with her hits.


  1. Start early by checking Dua Lipa's schedule. Knowing her tour dates and venues helps us plan ahead.
  2. We enter the waiting room on Ticketmaster 30 minutes before tickets go on sale. This trick improves our chances significantly.
  3. Persistence is key—we keep trying even if Ticketmaster shows an error message or a long queue. Many give up too soon, but not us.
  4. Being flexible with dates and locations opens more opportunities for us to find tickets. Sometimes, going to a neighboring city is what it takes!
  5. For fans needing accessible seating, selecting the Accessible Tickets button on Ticketmaster is how we find suitable spots.
  6. If the direct approach fails, we look at official resale options through Ticketmaster’s verified platform to catch any last-minute availabilities.
  7. Lastly, refreshing the page and not sticking to one search tactic helps us stay ahead in the game. Different browsers or devices sometimes offer surprising success!


Each of these tips has brought us closer to enjoying Dua Lipa live—right there under the stage lights where the magic happens!


Ready for Dua Lipa's concerts? We are too. Her 2024 tour promises unforgettable nights - from the US to Europe, tickets are up for grabs. Getting them is easy; visit her official website or Ticketmaster.

Remember, good deals go fast. Don't miss out on experiencing her live performance; it's a chance to make memories with friends and fellow fans. See you there!


1. Where can I find Dua Lipa's schedule?

Check her official website, guys. It's got all the dates and places for her upcoming shows.

2. How early should I buy tickets to see Dua Lipa?

Don't wait around! As soon as they're available, grab 'em. Her shows sell out fast.

3. Can I get tickets for a Dua Lipa concert near me?

Yes, definitely! Just look up her schedule online, find your city, and you'll see if she's performing there.

4. What happens if a Dua Lipa concert is canceled?

No worries – you'll get an email with options. Usually, they offer refunds or reschedule the show.