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Securing tickets to see Lainey Wilson live can feel like a maze, with countless paths leading you through never-ending searches and comparisons. But, there's no need to worry; we're here to slice through the confusion.

With Lainey Wilson's tour just around the corner, excitement is bubbling up among fans eager to soak in her electrifying performances — she's hitting the road this summer to bring her unique blend of music right to your neighborhood.

Drawing from years of experience and a genuine love for live music, we understand the thrill and frustration in searching for that perfect concert experience. Here’s something worth noting: Lainey Wilson has quickly climbed the ranks in popularity thanks to her chart-topping hits and sweeping multiple ACM awards.

This means grabbing your spot at one of her shows is more crucial than ever before. Keep reading; we've compiled all you need to know about securing those sought-after tickets.

Key Takeaways

  • Lainey Wilson is on tour in 2024 and 2025, with concerts across different cities. One key event is at the Lake Tahoe Outdoor Arena at Harveys in September 2024.
  • Tickets for Lainey Wilson's shows can be bought online or at box office sales. Deals like Live Nation Concert Week offer tickets for $25.
  • Fans have options to upgrade their concert experience with VIP packages that include premium seats and meet-and-greet opportunities. Prices range from $674 to $1344.
  • To get the best seats, act quickly when tickets go on sale. Using promo codes can save money on purchases.
  • Special performances will feature artists like Meghan Trainor, Kehlani, Thomas Rhett, and Chris Stapleton alongside Lainey Wilson.


Upcoming Events and Tour Dates

Lainey Wilson has exciting concerts coming up. Check out her tour dates and locations to see her live!

Dates and locations of Lainey Wilson's concerts

We're excited to share the dates and locations for Lainey Wilson's concerts! She's hitting the road in 2024 and 2025, bringing her distinctive sound to fans across various cities. Here's a quick glance at where you can catch her live:


Date Location Venue
September 2024 Lake Tahoe Outdoor Arena at Harveys
2024 Gilford TBA
2024 Saratoga Springs TBA
2024 Syracuse TBA


Dates in cities like Gilford, Saratoga Springs, and Syracuse are part of the schedule, with the specific venues to be announced. Keep an eye out; more details will surface soon. Also, the "Country's Cool Again" tour features a can't-miss performance at the Lake Tahoe Outdoor Arena at Harveys in September 2024. Plus, Lainey may be sharing the stage with other artists, including Hardy, adding even more excitement to the mix.

Don't miss out—stay tuned for updates on venues and additional cities!

Other artists she may be performing with

Moving on from the dates and locations of Lainey Wilson's concerts, let's talk about the incredible artists she may share the stage with. This is exciting news for fans, as these collaborations promise to enhance the concert experience significantly. Here's a detailed look at some of the artists expected to perform alongside Lainey Wilson:


Artist Event
Meghan Trainor 2024 Citi Concert Series
Kehlani 2024 Citi Concert Series
Thomas Rhett Country's Cool Again Tour
Chris Stapleton Country's Cool Again Tour


These collaborations offer a unique blend of talent and music styles, setting the stage for unforgettable performances. Whether it's the pop sensibilities of Meghan Trainor, the soulful R&B of Kehlani, the country charm of Thomas Rhett, or the powerful vocals of Chris Stapleton, Lainey Wilson's concerts are set to deliver a diverse and thrilling musical experience. Prepare for a series of spectacular shows that promise to bring the best of different music genres to fans everywhere.

How to Purchase Lainey Wilson Tickets

To get your hands on Lainey Wilson tickets, head online or visit a box office. Keep an eye out for special deals to grab the best seats or even score a meet and greet.

Online ticket websites

Finding Lainey Wilson tickets online is easy. Several websites sell them, each offering a mix of deals and seating options. Fans can check out the official Live Nation Concert Week page to snatch tickets for just $25—a steal! For more details on her tour dates and schedule, AXS.com is another reliable spot.

These sites give fans a hassle-free way to buy Lainey Wilson concert tickets, ensuring they don't miss out on her electrifying performances.

We know fans are always hunting for the best spots at shows. Online ticket sites often have various options, from regular seats to VIP packages. This means everyone has a chance to enjoy the show in their preferred way—whether that's up close or from a cozy spot with an excellent view.

With these platforms, purchasing Lainey Wilson event tickets becomes straightforward, letting fans focus more on the excitement of the upcoming concert and less on how to secure their entry.

Box office sales

We know the thrill of catching Lainey Wilson live, and getting tickets through box office sales is a reliable way to secure your spot. Box offices at venues often have $25 tickets for her tour dates, thanks to the Live Nation Concert Week sale.

This option not only saves you money but also gets you direct access to seats without the hassle of middlemen.

Purchasing directly from the box office comes with perks like the 100% buyer guarantee. This means peace of mind, knowing your ticket is legit and you're set for an amazing show. We always recommend checking out these sales early, as they tend to sell out fast due to high demand and limited availability.

Our tips? Call ahead or visit online sites specific to each venue for their box office hours and policies. Planning ahead ensures you won't miss out on seeing Lainey Wilson's unforgettable performances.

And honestly, there's nothing quite like hearing "Things a Man Oughta Know" live – it's an experience we all deserve!

Tips for getting the best seats

For the best seats at a Lainey Wilson show, acting fast is key. The moment tickets go on sale, be ready to click and buy. Fans can save big with deals from Undercover Tourist on Lainey Wilson tour dates.

And if it's your first time buying through that platform, snag an extra $20 off orders over $200 with promo code NJ20—every little bit helps.

Consider going for Platinum Seats to get them at the original price without resale markups. AXS Premium lets us pick our perfect spot based on what we like best at a Lainey Wilson concert.

Always check the venue's rules before buying from any third party or broker to avoid surprises.


The early bird catches the worm—and the best seats at a Lainey Wilson concert!


VIP packages and meet and greet opportunities

We offer exciting VIP packages for fans wanting to get closer to Lainey Wilson. These special deals include premium tickets and access to cozy pre-show acoustic performances. Prices range from $674 to $1344, offering various perks like VIP parking, a chance for celebrity autographs, and meet and greet sessions.

Plus, fans can enjoy exclusive gift items.

Fans also have a unique chance to meet Lainey Wilson up close with tickets that cover airfare and accommodations for two people. This is part of our #CountrysCoolAgain tour offerings.

It's an amazing opportunity for die-hard fans to enhance their concert experience beyond just the music.


Getting your hands on Lainey Wilson tickets is exciting! With her summer tour dates out, it's a chance for us all to experience her incredible talent live. From securing the best seats online to snagging VIP packages for an unforgettable experience—there’s something for everyone.

Remember, sites like Undercover Tourist offer deals that make it easier for us fans to see her perform without breaking the bank. So don't wait too long; these opportunities to catch Lainey Wilson in action are golden!


1. Where can I find Lainey Wilson's schedule?

Check online for the latest on Lainey Wilson's schedule. It’s always updated, so you know when and where her next shows are.

2. How do I buy tickets for a Lainey Wilson concert?

Easy! Visit ticket selling websites or the venue’s site where she’s performing. They’ll guide you through buying your tickets.

3. Are there VIP tickets available for Lainey Wilson concerts?

Yes, some concerts offer VIP tickets for an extra special experience. Look at the ticket options when you're buying yours to see if they’re offered.

4. What should I do if a show is sold out?

Don’t give up – check back often because sometimes more tickets get released later. Also, try looking at reselling sites, but be careful to choose reputable ones.