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Securing Foreigner tickets can feel like navigating a maze, with all the pricey options and confusing platforms out there. Yet, the secret to unlocking an unforgettable experience without burning a hole in your pocket is knowing where to look and what to expect.

With hits like "I Want To Know What Love Is" and "Waiting For A Girl Like You", seeing Foreigner live promises an exhilarating journey. Our goal? To effortlessly guide you through this process.

Over the years, we've been right there with you in concert halls, soaking up the live music atmosphere and analyzing ticket sales patterns. This has given us insights that many fans only dream of uncovering after countless hours of searching.

We're here to share those secrets—from snagging the best deals to choosing the perfect seats for an unparalleled view. Stick with us; this could be your golden ticket to witnessing Foreigner's electrifying performances from the best spot in the house.

Key Takeaways

  • You can buy Foreigner tickets for their 2024 tour, with prices starting at $7. Look on Ticketmaster.com to find deals and choose from various dates and locations.
  • To get cheap Foreigner tickets, check online for a full calendar of tour dates, look for discounts or deals, sign up for newsletters from ticket sellers, consider weekday shows, compare prices on different platforms, and keep an eye out for last-minute price drops.
  • Floor seats offer an unforgettable experience at a Foreigner concert but are more expensive. They provide close views and sometimes include VIP experiences like meeting the band.
  • The 2024 tour includes special guests like Styx and John Waite which means attendees will enjoy a mix of classic hits. Keep track of what songs Foreigner plays live to guess their setlist.
  • Checking the official website is crucial for staying updated with tour dates, ticket sales information, and any additional news related to Foreigner concerts.


How to Buy Foreigner Tickets

Looking for Foreigner tickets? You're in the right place. We'll guide you on how to score them without a hitch. Keep reading, and we'll show you where to find those seats and how to snag a deal.

Prices and 2024 Tour Information

Finding the best deal for Foreigner tickets has never been easier, especially with their 2024 tour dates on the horizon. Here’s what you need to know about prices and the tour itself:


Date Event Starting Price Location
May 2024 Foreigner Extend Farewell Tour with Styx $39 Edmonton, AB; Saskatoon, SK
June - August 2024 Renegades and Jukebox Heroes Tour $7 - $161 Various
August 17, 2024 Styx & Foreigner with John Waite at The Orion Amphitheater Check website Huntsville, AL


With tickets now on sale, securing your spot at one of these electrifying performances couldn't be easier. Options range from the incredibly affordable $7 tickets to higher-priced floor seats, ensuring there's a choice for every budget. Remember, tickets for these much-anticipated dates are available on Ticketmaster.com. Now, let’s explore more about what to expect in terms of tour dates and information.

How to buy cheap Foreigner tickets

After learning about prices and the 2024 tour information, we all want to find ways to save money on Foreigner tickets. Let's jump into how you can score cheap tickets for a show you'll never forget.


  1. Check online for a complete calendar of Foreigner tour dates. This helps us plan ahead and choose a date that might offer cheaper tickets.
  2. Look for discounts or deals online. Sometimes, sites run promotions that help us save on event tickets.
  3. Sign up for newsletters from ticket sellers. They often send out information on sales and may provide codes for discounts.
  4. Consider going to a show during the week. Weekday shows can be cheaper than weekend ones.
  5. Look at several ticket platforms before buying. Prices can vary, so it pays to compare.
  6. Don't wait until the last minute to buy your tickets, but if you do, sometimes prices drop just before the event as sellers want to fill seats.
  7. Keep an eye out for customer reviews mentioning cheap tickets; these can point us towards websites or sellers that have good deals.


One concertgoer was really happy with the deal they found online, proving that with a bit of effort, we can all enjoy live music without breaking the bank!

Foreigner Tour Dates and Information

Check out the latest Foreigner tour dates and details. This is where you'll find everything about their concerts, from the cities they're hitting to special guest appearances.

Floor Seats

Getting floor seats at a Foreigner show is like hitting the jackpot. They're up close and personal, making it a night we'll never forget. Yes, these tickets are on the pricier side, but for a good reason.

The view of the band rocking out right in front of us? Unmatched. And let's not forget about that pre-show VIP experience being auctioned for the 2023 Historic Farewell Tour—imagine getting to snap a photo with Foreigner before taking our artist seats! It’s all part of what makes these moments more than just concert-going; they become memories that last forever.


Floor seats transform a concert into an unforgettable experience.


Next up: Setlist and Related Artists reveal how every Foreigner event turns into an epic night filled with hits after hits—staying true to their legendary status.

Setlist and Related Artists

After choosing the perfect floor seats, we're excited about the songs Foreigner will play. They've announced a 2024 tour with Styx, promising fans an unforgettable experience. Alongside them, special guest John Waite will join for the 'Renegades and Jukebox Heroes Tour' from June through August 2024.

This lineup means attendees will hear a mix of classic hits and maybe some surprises.

We keep track of what songs Foreigner plays live to guess their setlist. Their most performed tracks are likely part of the show, giving us clues about which tunes we'll enjoy live.

Sharing this journey with bands like Styx and John Waite adds to the thrill—we get to experience a range of incredible music all in one place. Our love for these artists brings us together for nights full of memorable melodies and shared excitement over hearing our favorite songs live.

With each concert, we dive into nostalgia while creating new memories to cherish. Experiencing these tunes in person—especially those that have become soundtracks to important moments in our lives—is something truly special.

We can't wait to see how Foreigner's schedule unfolds and which cities they'll electrify next on their tour.


We all love a good concert, and getting your hands on Foreigner tickets is a thrill. With hits that have touched hearts around the world, seeing them live is an experience not to be missed.

We've shared how you can find tickets for their 2024 tour at fair prices, including some tips on scoring deals. Remember, checking out their official website keeps you up-to-date with tour dates and more.

So, don't wait too long — grab your tickets and get ready for unforgettable nights of music with Foreigner!


1. Where can I find the Foreigner schedule?

Check their official website or ticket selling platforms. You'll see dates, locations, and times for all upcoming shows.

2. How early should I buy Foreigner tickets?

As soon as possible! Tickets sell out fast due to high demand, especially for popular venues.

3. Can I get discounts on Foreigner tickets?

Sometimes, yes. Look for promotional offers or special deals on ticket websites or sign up for fan clubs.

4. What if a Foreigner concert is canceled?

You'll likely get a refund from where you bought your ticket... Keep an eye on official announcements for updates and next steps.