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Frequently Asked Questions

Premium Seating - Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions by our customers. We encourage you to have a browse through this page if you have questions, concerns, or just want to know more about your ticket purchase! Have a question that's not answered here? Contact Us and we'll be happy to help however possible.

General Questions

When can I arrive for the event/How early can I enter my suite?

This depends on the venue in question, so we suggest checking with the venue beforehand to see how early they are planning to let ticket-holders enter before the event. If you have luxury suite tickets, make sure to mention this to the venue when inquiring, as in many cases you will be using a separate entrance and may even be granted access to a separate VIP floor of the venue. Most venues will allow you to enter 60-90 minutes prior to the event start time. In the case of corporate events in luxury suites, many people use this time to host pre-event meetings or conferences.

Where do I park?

Regular tickets:

  • If you have purchased regular event tickets, there will be a designated parking area for event-goers near the venue. Follow signs and instructions upon arrival at the venue to find event parking.

VIP tickets/Luxury suite tickets:

  • Most suites, VIP box seats, and VIP packages come with a limited included number of VIP parking passes. Depending on the venue, your VIP parking pass may be valid for premium parking close to the venue entrance or for a special premium parking garage nearby.
  • Due to limited parking space, you may require additional parking passes than are included in your package, depending on your number of guests. You may be able to purchase additional parking passes in the premium lot if available. Contact Us to inquire about extra VIP parking pass availability and purchasing.


Please Note: If you intend to arrive via limousine or bus, it is important that you notify us so that we can arrange special parking for these vehicles - they won't be allowed into the standard lots!


Can I purchase parking passes for my event in advance?

For certain events, regular or VIP parking passes may be available for purchase before the event date from www.PremiumSeating.com. Check the regular ticket listings for your event or Contact Us to inquire about purchasing a parking pass in advance.


VIP parking passes are often included with VIP ticket packages, luxury suite packages, VIP box seats. Please check your ticket/package details to see how many passes are included in your ticket package. If you need additional passes, Contact Us to inquire about parking pass availability and purchasing for your event (make sure to let us know if you are looking for regular or VIP parking passes!).


Where do I enter the venue?

Regular tickets:

  • For regular ticket holders, look for marked event entrances. Make sure you have your tickets and your ID on hand.

VIP tickets/Luxury suite tickets:

  • VIP ticket holders (including most luxury suite/VIP box/club seat attendees) have a separate, VIP entrance at most venues. Make sure you have your VIP passes, tickets, and ID on hand. VIP event entrance allows you to enter the venue in luxury and style, without the lines!


What is your refund policy?

All sales are final. We do not offer refunds, returns, or exchanges, unless your event is cancelled without a rescheduled date.


What happens if my event is cancelled?

We issue full refunds for any events that are cancelled without a rescheduled date. For rescheduled events, your tickets are valid for the new event date. Please Contact Us with any questions regarding refunds in the case of event cancellation.


What happens if I lose my tickets?

In most cases, lost tickets are unable to be replaced. In the case of luxury suites and VIP tickets, rules regarding lost tickets are often very strict. If you are distributing tickets to a group of people in your box/suite, we suggest making a note of which exact ticket was distributed to each person – this way, if a ticket is lost and getting a ticket reprinted is possible with the venue in question, we will know which ticket to reprint.


How can I pay for my tickets?

Regular tickets:

  • Premium Seating accepts most major credit cards when you order your regular event tickets online at PremiumSeating.com or by phone with a Premium Seating representative!

VIP tickets/Luxury suite tickets:

  • You can pay for your suite tickets/VIP package via credit card, bank draft, or company check (must clear). Please Contact Us directly to discuss/arrange these payment options.

Luxury Suites/VIP Box Seats

How long can I stay in my luxury suite after the event has ended?

This depends on the venue in question, so we suggest checking with the venue beforehand to see how long they allow VIP guests to stay in their suites after events. Many venues will allow you to stay up to 60 minutes after the event to finish your business meetings or drinks.


Are there assigned seats in a luxury suite/VIP box? What is SRO”?

For VIP boxes, seats are assigned. Please refer to your ticket for your seat number. Regarding luxury suites, the answer to this question differs a little bit depending on whether you/your group are sitting in a private or a shared suite. Most suite guests move freely within the suite and make use of the different areas throughout the event. Some tickets are labeled SRO which means standing room only. There may be more tickets allotted than fixed seating, or bar stools. An SRO ticket still gives the ticketholder access to the suite and all suite amenities. If you are sharing a suite with other parties, we recommend sitting only in the seat number that is listed on your ticket. Your suite attendant will help you find your seat if you don't know where in the suite it is located. In a private suite, it is common for people in the group to switch seats or not to sit in their allotted seat for the entire duration of the event. In this case, it generally doesn’t matter who gets an SRO ticket and who is assigned a seat – we will leave the organizing to you and your group!


How many people can attend the event in my luxury suite/VIP box?

This depends on how many tickets come with your ticket package/purchase. Only those with VIP tickets for your suite/VIP box can watch the event from that location. In some cases, additional SRO (Standing Room Only) tickets may be purchased for your suite or box PRIOR to the event, depending on availability and venue/event regulations. Contact us to inquire about additional SRO ticket availability and purchasing for your event.


What is in my luxury suite?

Your suite comes furnished, often with love seats, couches, bar stools, a closet, a fridge, countertops, HDTVS, and a restroom. These amenities are subject to vary with each venue and each individual suite. All suites come equipped with comfortable plush stadium seats for you to watch the event in comfort and style. Suites in some venues are elaborately decorated or are even themed!


I have an extra guest - can I bring them?

You will need to arrange any additional seating prior to the event. Every attendee needs a ticket. Only those with event tickets will be allowed to enter the venue, and only those with VIP tickets will be allowed access to VIP levels. Suites and VIP boxes are reserved for guests with tickets to these exclusive seating areas only. In some cases, additional SRO (Standing Room Only) tickets may be purchased for your suite or box PRIOR to the event, depending on availability and venue/event regulations. Contact us to inquire about additional SRO ticket availability and purchasing for your event.


Is catering included in the price of my luxury suite/VIP box?

This depends on your ticket package. Catering is sometimes included in the package price, but is not necessarily the norm. Catering information is provided in the details of each VIP ticket/package listing – please consult these details before purchase. If catering isn’t included in your purchase, you’ll have the option of purchasing food directly from the venue via their provided suite caterers or at the concession stands. You may also be able to arrange a private catering service prior to the event for your group – Contact Us and we'll help you discover your options!


If catering is included or you opt to design your own catering order for your group, venue catering companies will usually reach out to clients 23 weeks prior to the event with a final menu and to take your order. Purchased your suite/VIP box tickets closer to the event than 23 weeks? Contact Us for options!


What is the dress code in luxury suites/VIP boxes?

Even in luxury suites and other VIP seating options, your dress code is up to you. Most guests dress comfortably, while also keeping it appropriate to the group with whom they are sharing the suite/box. There is no set dress code.


What can I (or can I not) bring with me into my luxury suite/VIP box?

  • No outside food or beverages are allowed in luxury suites/VIP boxes*.
  • Larger bags are typically not allowed. This includes backpacks, large purses, totes, canvas bags, and messenger bags.
  • Many venues (including all NFL venues) require that you place smaller items in a clear plastic bag before entering the stadium.
  • Laptops, tablets, cameras, and phones are usually allowed in luxury suites, however this is not always the case. We suggest checking with the venue prior to the event for their specific regulations regarding these items. Regulations regarding cameras and phones are subject to change (and often do change) with each event. Some artists/events have strict regulations regarding taking photos and using social media during the event. If in doubt, check with your venue first! Make sure to tell them your event and that you are a VIP ticket holder when inquiring.


*For special occasions you may be able to arrange a special cake with the catering staff with prior approval at some venues. Please inquire with the venue directly prior to your event date.


Does my VIP ticket give me access to other areas of the venue?

In the case of VIP box seats or tickets that are a part of VIP ticket packages, your tickets may give you access to VIP sections of the venue such as VIP lounges, VIP restaurants/bars, VIP restrooms, and more. Luxury suite tickets often grant you access to the entire VIP/club level of the venue (subject to vary with each venue/event). There are VIP clubs on most suite levels, and your suite ticket will often grant you access to those clubs. The clubs are open before and after events for a limited time only, and usually offer full-service bars, special concession stands, and merchandise shops. With any VIP ticket, you can also access all concourses and exhibits that are available to regular ticket holders. Please check your ticket details for more information on what VIP access/privileges are included with your ticket.

What amenities are included with my luxury suite/VIP box seats/VIP package?

Each VIP package includes different amenities. Luxury suites and VIP box seats often include VIP entrance, suite attendant/in-suite service, private/VIP restroom, club/lounge access, padded seating, VIP food and beverage service, and more. Please read the ticket/package details carefully before purchase to know what amenities are included for you!

Do I tip the suite attendant?

If you have a bartender/server in your suite, we recommend giving them a tip if you enjoyed/appreciated their service. Gratuity is generally not included in your catering bill/VIP ticket package.


Can I order more food in the suite during the event?

Yes – for most events, there is a food and beverage menu in each suite. You can place your order with your suite attendant, or you can often call in the order from your suite phone.


Can I have a meeting in my suite?

Yes, you can host a meeting in your suite. Most suites are equipped with HDTVs which you can hook up a laptop to show a presentation. The interior of most suites are suitable to host meetings.


Can I rent a conference room for a meeting?

Generally, there are special conference rooms that you can rent if you schedule this with the venue prior to your event. There may be an additional fee for this service.


Can kids be in suites?

Children of all ages are allowed in suites and on the suite level, unless otherwise stated on your ticket/in your ticket package notes. Depending on the venue, babies and toddlers under two years of age may not need a ticket (please check with your venue or Contact Us to inquire).


Are dogs/pets allowed in suites?

Pets are not allowed in suites/VIP boxes. Service animals may be allowed, depending on the venue. It's important to check with the venue to ensure this is possible, as all venues have different regulations.


Are luxury suites/VIP Box seats accessible?

If you or someone in your group has unique accessibility requirements, e.g. elevator access, wheelchair space, or a variety of other suite/box features, please Contact Us or the venue directly to inquire what VIP seating option would best suit you and your needs!


Do I have to purchase a luxury suite/VIP box for multiple events?

In many cases, we are pleased to be able to offer our customers the option to purchase a suite or VIP box rental for a single event only, or can help you design a multi-event package to suit your needs. In some cases, luxury suites or VIP boxes might be shared with another group if purchased on a single/multi-event basis. Please Contact Us to inquire about luxury suite/VIP box tickets for a single event or for certain events only!


How can I guarantee my suite location?

Suite locations are only guaranteed with a signed agreement and payment. All locations quoted are accurate at the time of being quoted but may change due to availability. Individual suites can not be held without payment.

When will my suite tickets me mailed to me?

Suite tickets are typically mailed to the client 30-40 days prior to the event (exceptions may be made if you need the tickets sooner). This is done to ensure clients don't misplace tickets. Additional tickets may be purchased for each suite prior to the event if available - Contact Us for more info.