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Searching for Dead & Company tickets can often feel like a herculean task, especially with the buzz surrounding their much-anticipated tours. Luckily, you've got us to light your way through this maze, making it simpler than you might imagine.

With Dead & Company setting up shop at Sphere at The Venetian for an impressive twenty-four-show run from May 16 through July 13, the excitement is palpable.

Our knack for navigating the live music scene comes from years of immersing ourselves in it, all to connect fans like you with those unforgettable experiences. This journey has equipped us with insider tips and vital information that will make your ticket-buying process as smooth as butter.

Keep your eyes here; we’re about to unfold everything you need to snag those coveted tickets without breaking a sweat.

Key Takeaways

  • Dead & Company are performing from May 16 to July 13 at Sphere in Las Vegas, offering twenty - four shows.
  • Tickets can be bought on the official website, CashorTrade.org, MLB website, Live Nation, and other vendors with mobile entry only.
  • For good deals and seats, sign up for presales and compare prices across different platforms. Some tickets start at $101.
  • Check age requirements and seating options before buying. Special effects might affect some viewers.
  • Following Dead & Company on social media could lead to exclusive deals or early bird specials.


Upcoming Concert Tour Dates & Venues

Dead & Company are hitting the road again! They're starting their tour on May 16, going through July 13, at Sphere in Las Vegas, NV—plus, they've got more US dates and venues lined up.

May 16 - July 13, 2024 at Sphere in Las Vegas, NV

We are thrilled to share that Dead & Company will take the stage at Sphere in Las Vegas from May 16 through July 13, bringing a series of twenty-four unforgettable shows. This residency promises fans an immersive experience unlike any other, right in the heart of one of the most vibrant cities.

The dates include three back-to-back concerts starting Thursday, May 16 at 7:30 p.m., continuing on Friday and Saturday with performances at the same time.


Experience Dead & Company like never before during our exclusive residency at Sphere, Las Vegas.


This stretch offers not just music but a dive into a sensory spectacle housed within one of Las Vegas' newest venues. For those looking to be part of this historic event—mark your calendars for these initial shows on May 16, 17, and 18.

It's not just about catching one show; it's about being part of a larger celebration that spans nearly two months. Fans have ample opportunity to pick a date or multiple dates to immerse themselves in what promises to be some of Dead & Company's most memorable performances yet.

Other US tour dates and venues currently available for tickets

After announcing our shows at The Sphere in Las Vegas, we're excited to share more stops on our tour. Dead & Company will light up the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre in St. Louis, MO.

This is a chance not to miss for fans wanting to catch us live.

For those looking beyond Las Vegas, we have dates leading into 2025 where tickets are already up for grabs. Whether you're aiming for concert and hotel packages or VIP experiences, we've got you covered, especially with Vibee offering some great options that include either general admission or reserved seating.

Our 2024 tour doesn't just stop at music; it's an experience with support acts ranging from POINTFEST to Hootie & the Blowfish. Each show promises something unique – a blend of good vibes and unforgettable performances.

Join us on this journey and grab your tickets for an upcoming Dead & Company event near you.

How to Buy Dead & Company Tickets

Buying Dead & Company tickets is easy. You can get them from their official website or through other ticket vendors.

Options for purchasing tickets (official website, third party vendors)

We all want to catch the Dead & Company show, and thankfully, there are plenty of ways to grab those sought-after tickets. Here's how you can secure your spot at the next tour:


  1. Official Website: First stop, the official Dead & Company website. It's your go-to for direct access to tickets, tour dates, and VIP packages. You're buying straight from the source here, which means you're getting real deals without any extra fees piled on top.
  2. CashorTrade.org: This site is a game-changer for fans looking to buy, sell, or trade tickets at face value. It's a community-driven platform that fights against scalping by ensuring all ticket exchanges are fair and square. If you're hunting for a deal or have an extra ticket to pass along, this place is worth checking out.
  3. Major League Baseball Website: Yep, you heard that right. The official MLB website steps up to the plate with tickets for Dead & Company concerts. This might seem like an odd player in the ticket game, but it's an official source with specific dates and venues ready for booking.
  4. Live Nation: As another major hub for concert tickets, Live Nation often has availability for Dead & Company's final tours. Their platform is straightforward — pick your date, find your seats, and you're done. Plus, they've got mobile entry options to make getting into the show a breeze.
  5. Third-Party Vendors: Various online platforms provide offers and purchasing options beyond the official channels. While navigating these waters, keep an eye out for reputable vendors known for reliable services and fair prices.
  6. Mobile Entry Only: An important note — Dead & Company tickets have moved to mobile entry only. This move aims to cut down on scalping and unauthorized resales by introducing a delivery delay period.


Each option has its perks and quirks but hitting up these spots increases your chances of landing great seats at good prices. Whether it's through an official channel or a fan-driven platform like CashorTrade.org, securing those tickets means you're one step closer to enjoying the music live.

Tips for getting the best deals and seats (presales, cheap tickets)

Now that you know where to find Dead & Company tickets, let's focus on how to snag the best deals and seats. Everyone loves a good bargain, especially for concert tickets.


  1. Sign up for presales – Dead & Company opens registration for fans to access presale tickets on their website. This is your golden ticket to buying before everyone else.
  2. Check out CheapTickets – They're currently offering Dead & Company tickets starting at $101. It's a steal!
  3. Use The Ticket Shopping Guide – It helps you pick the number of tickets and your desired price level easily.
  4. Look for no - fee options – Some sellers offer tickets without extra fees, meaning what you see is what you pay.
  5. Be flexible with dates and venues – Sometimes, choosing a weekday show or a different location can dramatically lower prices.
  6. Compare multiple vendors – Prices and availability vary across different platforms; don't just settle on the first option.
  7. Consider last - minute purchases – Sellers often drop prices as the event date nears to clear unsold inventory.
  8. Follow Dead & Company on social media – They sometimes share exclusive deals or early bird specials with their followers.
  9. Join fan clubs or groups – Fellow Deadhead communities often have inside tips or group discounts shared among members.


With these tips, getting the best deals and seats for a Dead & Company tour becomes much easier. Enjoy the show!

Important information to know before purchasing (age requirements, special effects, seating charts)

We need to check a few things before buying Dead & Company tickets. First off, the age limits might change depending on the venue. It's smart to look this up early so everyone in our group can go.

Then, there's seating to think about. Sphere in Las Vegas and other places offer different types of seats—from general floor spots to reserved seating and even VIP packages with cool perks like special access.

We should pick what suits us best. Remember, ADA seating is there for those who need it, and details are on the Accessibility Services page.

Lastly, let’s not forget about the show itself—special effects can be a big part of the experience! If anyone in our party is sensitive to lights or sounds, we'll want to know what to expect ahead of time.


We all know Dead & Company puts on a great show. Their new tour dates are out, and we're excited! Fans can grab tickets through the official website or other vendors. Look for deals, presales, and VIP packages to save some cash.

Make sure you check age limits, special effects warnings, and seating before buying. Heading to a concert soon? Grab your Dead & Company tickets now. Let's enjoy the music together!


1. Where can I find Dead & Company tour dates?

Check their official website or ticket platforms. They list all the upcoming Dead & Company schedule details there.

2. How early should I buy tickets for a Dead & Company concert?

As soon as they're available! Tickets often sell out quickly, so it's smart to grab them early.

3. Can I get refunds on Dead & Company tickets if I can't attend?

Typically, no... Ticket policies vary, but most sales are final. Always check the terms before buying.

4. Are there VIP packages for Dead & Company shows?

Yes, indeed! Look for VIP options when you buy your tickets – they offer special perks like front-row seats and exclusive merchandise.