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Securing Brooks & Dunn tickets often feels like navigating a tricky maze, but with the buzz around their REBOOT 2024 Tour kicking off in West Palm Beach, FL on May 3, there's finally some clarity and a whole lot of excitement for country music fans.

Our guide is here to make your ticket-buying journey as smooth as possible, helping you land those sought-after seats without the usual stress.

Having spent years diving into the world of concert tours and ticket sales strategies, we've picked up quite a few insider tricks along the way. Whether it’s making sure you're buying from official vendors or finding those hidden gems on resale websites, we’ve learned what works best.

With our expertise and some savvy tips under your belt for snagging cheaper tickets, you’ll find securing your spot at a Brooks & Dunn show might just be easier than you thought.

Ready to tackle that ticket search with confidence? Let's dive in.

Key Takeaways

  • Brooks & Dunn's REBOOT 2024 Tour starts in West Palm Beach, FL, on May 3. They will visit 23 locations in 2 countries.
  • Ticket prices for general admission start at $21 and can go up to an average of $208. Prices change based on location and how soon you buy them.
  • You can buy tickets through official vendors like Undercover Tourist or find deals on resale websites. Resale sites might have tickets for more money but sometimes offer special seating options.
  • Tips to get cheaper tickets include checking Live Nation during Concert Week, looking out for $21 deals, signing up for artist newsletters, and comparing prices across different sites.
  • VIP packages are available for an extra special experience with Brooks & Dunn. Tickets go on sale January 26 at 10 a.m. local time.


Brooks & Dunn Tour 2024

Brooks & Dunn are hitting the road in 2024, and fans can't wait. They'll play in cities all over, making it easy for everyone to catch a show.

Dates and locations

We're thrilled about the Brooks & Dunn Tour 2024, hitting a total of 23 locations in 2 countries. Prepare for an unforgettable concert experience as we dive into dates and places you won't want to miss.

Kicking off the tour, we land at Walmart Arkansas Music Pavilion (AMP) in Rogers. This spot sets the tone for an electrifying journey through music and memories with Brooks & Dunn.

Next up, fans in Charleston, SC, get ready! The duo will light up the Credit One Stadium, promising a night filled with hits that have defined country music for decades.

As we crisscross the country, each stop brings its unique vibe to the Brooks & Dunn schedule. From east to west and north to south, every venue is set to host nights where music brings us all together.

Our adventure doesn't stop there; various cities across this great nation are on our map. We're bringing the heart and soul of country music directly to fans everywhere.

Each show on the Brooks & Dunn Tour is more than just a concert; it's a celebration of music, life, and the connection we all share. So grab your Brooks & Dunn tickets and join us on this unforgettable journey.

Ticket prices

Understanding the cost is crucial for planning your experience at a Brooks & Dunn concert in 2024. Here's a quick overview to help you budget accordingly:


Ticket Type Lowest Price Average Price
General Admission $21 $208
Average Low Price (US) $59 Varies


Prices can change based on factors like location and availability. Our tip? Act fast when you find a good deal. Now, let's look at how to secure your tickets...

How to Purchase Brooks & Dunn Tickets

Getting your hands on Brooks & Dunn tickets is easy. You can buy them through the official ticket vendor or look at resale websites for options.

Through official ticket vendor

We always go straight to Undercover Tourist to snatch our Brooks & Dunn tickets. With them, we're guaranteed a smooth purchase every time. They've been around for over 20 years, and they know the ropes of securely handling ticket sales.

Plus, their 100 percent buyer guarantee lets us relax, knowing our tickets are valid and secure.

Looking for something extra special? They offer the Reba and Brooks & Dunn – Together in Vegas 3D Collector Ticket with amazing graphics. It's like having a piece of the concert before it even starts! All the upcoming tour dates for 2024-25 are on there too, along with venue info and support act details.

We find everything we need in one place without any hassle or worry about getting scammed.

Through resale websites

Finding Brooks and Dunn tickets through resale websites can be a smart move. Prices may be above face value, but we often find gems among the listings. Many sellers list their tickets, setting prices based on demand.

This means there's always a chance to grab a deal, especially as the event date gets closer.

Resale sites also offer a variety of seating options not available elsewhere. We look for sites with guarantees to avoid any issues. The West Palm Beach Theater stands out here – they promise 100% guaranteed satisfaction on Brook and Dunn tickets, including those sold above face value.


Buying resale can lead to great seats at better prices.


Lastly, moving onto tips for getting those sought-after cheaper tickets...

Tips for getting cheaper tickets

We all want to see Brooks and Dunn live without breaking the bank. Here's how we can score cheaper tickets for their show.


  1. Check Live Nation during Concert Week - Live Nation has deals during Concert Week. They cut prices for thousands of shows, including Brooks and Dunn’s tour. This means we might get to see them for less!
  2. Look out for $21 tickets - The cheapest ticket currently for Brooks and Dunn is just $21. We need to keep our eyes peeled for these deals, because they're the best ones out there.
  3. Use Undercover Tourist - This site often offers discounted tickets for events like the Brooks and Dunn tour. It's a great way to save some cash while still getting to enjoy the music.
  4. Sign up for artist newsletters - Sometimes, the artists or venues offer special deals to their subscribers. It's worth signing up so we don't miss out on any potential savings.
  5. Check resale sites closer to the event date - Prices can drop as the event date gets closer, sellers want to make sure their tickets sell.
  6. Set up price alerts - Some websites let us set alerts for ticket prices. That way, we get notified when prices drop and can buy at just the right time.
  7. Buy in bulk if possible - Sometimes buying more tickets at once can save money in the long run, especially if there are group discounts available.
  8. Compare multiple sites before buying - Not all sites will have the same price for a ticket; some might be cheaper than others. We always compare a few before making a decision.


By following these steps, we stand a good chance of finding cheaper tickets for Brooks and Dunn’s tour dates!


We're excited for Brooks and Dunn's REBOOT 2024 Tour. Tickets start at just $21, a steal for such legendary performers! Remember, sales kick off January 26 at 10 a.m. local time. Check their official website or Ticketmaster for dates, locations, and prices.

Don't miss out on VIP packages for an extra special experience. Let's get ready to enjoy some amazing country music together!


1. How do I find Brooks and Dunn tour dates?

Check their official website, or ticket selling sites, for the most recent Brooks and Dunn schedule.

2. Can I buy tickets for any Brooks and Dunn show online?

Yes, you can buy tickets online through verified platforms. Always make sure they list the event you're looking for.

3. Are there VIP options for Brooks and Dunn events?

Often, yes. Many shows offer VIP packages that might include special seats or other perks. Look at the specific event details to find out.

4. What if a Brooks and Dunn concert is sold out?

Sometimes, resale tickets become available but be prepared—they can be pricier than original sales. Keep checking back on trusted ticket sites for updates.