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Finding the perfect Usher tickets can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack, with an overwhelming array of options and prices out there. Surprisingly enough, ticket prices for Usher's "Past Present Future" tour span from $49 to $226, making his electrifying performances accessible to more fans.

This article is your beacon in the foggy world of ticket purchasing, aimed at guiding you to secure the best seats without draining your wallet.

Having spent years attending concerts and untangling the complexities of buying tickets, we've become quite adept at snagging great deals for high-demand shows like Usher’s. Our knack for finding quality seats at competitive prices means you're getting trustworthy advice that promises to elevate your concert experience to new heights.

Let the excitement begin….

Key Takeaways

  • Usher's "Past Present Future" tour tickets range from $49 to $226.
  • You can buy tickets on Ticketmaster, and there are options for standard seats or VIP experiences.
  • Tour dates include cities like Atlanta, Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and Chicago in 2024.
  • The setlist has hits like "OMG" and "Yeah!", with each concert offering a unique experience.
  • Special guests at Usher’s shows have included famous names like Diddy, Kevin Hart, Alicia Keys, and H.E.R.


Upcoming Usher Concert Tour Information

Usher is hitting the road soon—find out where and when. Get all the details on tickets to join the excitement, live.

Tour dates

We're excited to share with you all the need-to-know details about Usher's 2024 concert tour dates. Mark your calendars and get ready to secure your spot at one of his incredible live performances. Below, find a quick guide to when and where you can catch Usher live:


City Date Venue
Atlanta, Georgia August 14, 2024 State Farm Arena
Washington, D.C. August 20, 2024 Capital One Arena
Baltimore, Maryland August 24, 2024 CFG Bank Arena
Chicago, Illinois February 28 & 29, 2024 Two-night stop (Venue TBA)


This table serves as your quick reference to planning your ultimate Usher concert experience. Whether you're catching him in the vibrant city of Atlanta or experiencing the magic in the historical backdrop of Washington, D.C., each show promises unforgettable moments. Don't miss out on the opportunity to witness Usher's mesmerizing performances live.

Ticket information

Tickets for Usher's "Past Present Future" 2024 tour are in high demand. Prices change based on where you want to sit and which city the show is in. You can find tickets through official sales points, including livenation.com.

This site has all the info on Usher tour dates, locations, and ticket buying.

Fans should know that only Platinum Tickets and Platinum Seats are sold as just tickets—no VIP packages or special experiences come with them. If you're looking for something extra, check out other options carefully.


Grab your chance to see Usher live; his performances are unforgettable!


For shows in Europe, details about dates and how much tickets cost will be available too. With a mix of venues across various cities, there's likely a concert near you. Early birds might catch presale offers, giving you a shot at securing your spot before everyone else does.

Keep an eye out for these opportunities!

How to buy tickets

We all want to catch Usher live, right? Good news! Usher's 2024 tour tickets are now available. Here's how you can get your hands on them:


  1. Visit Ticketmaster, the official site for buying Usher tickets. Make sure you're on the real website to avoid scams.
  2. Look for Usher's schedule. Find out when and where he will perform next.
  3. Choose the show you want to attend. Click on that date.
  4. Decide on the kind of ticket you want. Options range from standard seats to the ultimate VIP experience—for those over 21.
  5. Add your ticket choice to your cart.
  6. Create an account or log in if you already have one with Ticketmaster.
  7. Fill in your payment details carefully.
  8. Review your order to make sure everything is correct—date, venue, number of tickets.
  9. Confirm your purchase.


After these steps, you'll get a confirmation email with all the details of your show and ticket information. Keep this email safe as it's proof of your purchase and may be needed for entering the venue or in case any issues arise.

Getting ready for an Usher show is exciting! Just follow these steps carefully, and soon enough, we'll be enjoying his hits live, together!

Usher Concert Experience

At an Usher concert, the energy hits you the moment he steps on stage. Each song, a blend of smooth moves and classic hits, creates unforgettable moments for fans.


Usher's concerts are a big deal, packed with hit songs that fans love. From "OMG" to "Yeah!" and more, the setlist at his Super Bowl halftime show gives you an idea of what to expect.

No two Usher shows are the same—each one is unique. He keeps it fresh by mixing up his openers, closers, and encores. The UR Experience tour showcases this variety perfectly.


Expect hits like 'Superstar' and 'DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love,' making every night unforgettable.


If you're planning to catch Usher live in 2024, especially during the Super Bowl halftime show, you're in for a treat. The setlist is out there for you to check out ahead of time. Knowing what songs might be played can really pump up your excitement for the event!

Venue information

After rocking out to Usher's hits, let's talk about where the magic happens. Many of his shows took place at Park MGM as part of his Vegas Residency. This spot isn't just any venue—it's a top-tier destination for music lovers.

With state-of-the-art sound and lighting, every seat in the house offers an incredible view. Not to mention, it's located right in the heart of Vegas, making it easy to find great places to eat or stay nearby.

We've got tips for those planning to catch Usher live. First off, check out Park MGM’s website for any concert tips—they often have useful info on parking or special entry requirements.

Also, take a look at reviews from past attendees; they sometimes share hidden gems like the best spots inside the venue or how early you should arrive.

And if you're there for more than just the show, Las Vegas is your oyster! From amazing restaurants within walking distance of Park MGM to luxurious hotels where you can crash after the concert—it’s all there.

Plus, exploring Vegas is half the fun; who knows what other entertainment you'll find?

Fan reviews

Fans can't stop talking about Usher's London shows, even with ticket prices going over £1,426. They're making funny memes and sharing their thoughts online. It's clear they love him but those prices sure made waves!

After his concert in Vegas this June, people said it was "insanely good." They loved his singing and dancing. Someone thought it was so magical; they went online to find tickets for another show.

The nostalgia hit hard, making fans eager to see him live again.

Related artists

Hearing fans rave about Usher's shows makes us think about the amazing artists he shares the stage with. At his Las Vegas residency, big names like Diddy and Kevin Hart surprised everyone with their appearances.

It wasn't just a one-time thing either. During the Apple Music halftime show of Super Bowl LVIII, Alicia Keys and H.E.R. wowed audiences alongside Usher. These collaborations bring unforgettable moments to each event, making every Usher concert a unique blend of talent and surprises that you don't want to miss.

So, if you love Usher's music, chances are high you'll enjoy performances by these incredible artists too.


Getting Usher tickets is like stepping into a world of hit songs and legendary performances. We've shared where to find the best deals, from official sites to less expensive options.

With shows across various cities, there's a chance for everyone to dance along with Usher live. The "Past Present Future" tour promises intimate concerts filled with energy. Let's not miss out on seeing an icon in action—grab those tickets and let the music take over!


1. Where can I find Usher's schedule?

Look online for the Usher event schedule. It lists all dates and locations.

2. How do I buy tickets for an Usher concert?

Visit ticket sites or the venue's website. Choose your date from the Usher schedule, then follow steps to buy.

3. Can I get refunds if an Usher concert is canceled?

Yes, if an Usher event gets canceled, you're entitled to a refund. Check with where you bought your ticket for details.

4. Are there VIP tickets available for Usher concerts?

Indeed! Select concerts offer VIP options—more comfort, better views, sometimes even meet-and-greets with Usher himself.