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Finding Trevor Noah tickets might feel a bit like searching for a laugh in a haystack – overwhelming, to say the least. But getting your hands on those golden passes to see one of the comedy world's shining stars shouldn’t be a hair-pulling experience.

With the right know-how, anyone can snag tickets for an evening filled with chuckles and outright belly laughs. We’ve been keeping tabs on comedy tours and ticket-selling strategies for years, letting us offer you nuggets of wisdom on how to effortlessly claim your spot at Trevor Noah’s “Off the Record” tour in 2024.

This globe-trotting adventure will make stops in places as vibrant and diverse as Stockholm, Sweden, and Copenhagen, Denmark—bringing Trevor’s unique blend of humor and insightful commentary directly to fans around the world.

If you’re ready to enjoy an evening where laughter flows freely, stick with us for some straightforward advice on securing your ticket to comedy paradise.

Key Takeaways

  • Trevor Noah tickets are on sale for his "Off the Record" tour in 2024, with shows in cities like Stockholm and Copenhagen.
  • You can buy tickets from official sites like Ticketmaster, AXS.com, and Ticketek. Prices range but buying early or using promo codes can save money.
  • Expect a two - hour show full of laughter and thoughtful commentary on topics like racism and culture. Other top comedians mentioned include John Oliver and Dave Chappelle.


Purchase Trevor Noah Tickets

Buying Trevor Noah tickets is easy and exciting. You just need to check their prices, see if they're available, and pick where to buy them without a hassle.

Price and availability

We understand that securing Trevor Noah tickets is a top priority for many. Here's a quick look at the pricing and availability, ensuring you have all the details at your fingertips:


Type Price (S$) Availability Official Purchase Site
Premium 238 Limited Ticketek
Standard 198 Limited Ticketek
Per Purchase Limit 8 tickets


Prices might soar due to demand, especially on secondary markets. Always aim for the official ticketing source, Ticketek, to ensure authenticity and fair pricing. Now, let's shift gears and explore what the Trevor Noah experience offers...

Where to buy (official ticketing sites)

Finding Trevor Noah tickets is easy if you know where to look. Our go-to places are the official ticketing sites, ensuring a smooth purchase process. Here's where we recommend getting your hands on those sought-after seats:


  1. Ticketmaster.com


This site tops our list for buying Trevor Noah event tickets. Why? It's reliable, user-friendly, and directly linked with many of the venues where Trevor Noah performs. Plus, you can find tickets for all his tour dates here.


  1. AXS.com


Another great option for securing your spot at a Trevor Noah show is AXS.com. They often have a wide selection of seats available, from front row spots to options that are easier on the wallet.


  1. Ticketek


For fans down under or in specific regions, Ticketek comes in handy. It's especially useful for Trevor Noah tour dates happening in Australia and New Zealand.

Each site offers something unique—be it special deals or exclusive seats not found elsewhere. We always check these three websites first whenever we're planning to enjoy some laughs with Trevor Noah live on stage.

Tips for getting cheaper tickets (pre-sale, promo codes, etc.)

We always look for ways to save money, and getting cheaper Trevor Noah tickets is no different. Here's how we do it:


  1. Sign up for early access on Trevor Noah's website. This gives us a chance to buy tickets before they go on sale to the general public. It's a great way to grab seats at a lower price.
  2. Use presale codes given on his website. These are especially available for the Off The Record World Tour in Singapore, New Zealand, & Australia. We just enter the code at checkout to see the prices drop.
  3. Buy tickets in one go. The discount applies when we purchase tickets for his Off The Record Tour in a single transaction. This way, not only do we save on each ticket, but we also cut down on service fees.
  4. Check out official ticketing websites often. Prices can change, and sometimes there are special deals or promotions that pop up unexpectedly.
  5. Join fan clubs or mailing lists related to comedy and live performances. They often have exclusive offers or early heads-up about discounts that we wouldn't want to miss.


Following these steps has saved us money more than once, and it definitely makes seeing Trevor Noah live an even sweeter deal!

The Trevor Noah Experience

The Trevor Noah experience promises laughs and a great time. You'll leave the show with a smile, ready to share the fun moments you just had.

Show duration

Trevor Noah's shows, like the one at Beacon Theater in New York, end on October 18, 2023. His performances often last for a couple of hours. This gives fans enough time to enjoy his humor and personality up close.

We know that attending a live performance is about more than just laughs—it's an experience. With Trevor Noah, expect an evening filled with insights and entertainment that stays with you long after the show ends.


Time flies when you're having fun—especially at a Trevor Noah show!


Let's move on and talk about what to expect from his performances next.

What to expect

After learning about the show's duration, attendees are eager to find out what makes a Trevor Noah show truly unforgettable. Expect an evening filled with laughter and thought-provoking commentary.

Noah's unique perspective on racism, culture, and his experiences growing up in South Africa gives depth to his humor. His book, "Born a Crime," offers insights into these topics with vivid storytelling that captivates readers and audiences alike.

Noah skillfully blends stories from his life, including those found in "Born a Crime," into his stand-up routines. This not only entertains but also educates the audience on social issues through comedy.

The character Abel provides a stark look at hatred without context, while Noah’s narrative brings various cultures to life with vibrant pictures and encourages young readers along the way.

So as we settle into our seats for the night, we're ready for more than just laughs; we're set for an enriching experience that will make us think as much as chuckle.

Other top comedy performers

We all love a good laugh, and Trevor Noah knows how to deliver it. But he's not the only one lighting up the stage with humor. The Daily Show with Trevor Noah has welcomed a range of comedic talents that add flavor to every episode. Let's dive into some other top comedy performers you should keep an eye on.

First up, John Oliver stands out with his unique take on news and politics. His show, Last Week Tonight, mixes humor with deep dives into pressing issues, making him a must-watch for fans of smart comedy.

Hannah Gadsby brings a different vibe with her thoughtful and introspective stand-up specials. Her show Nanette broke new ground in comedy by blending personal stories with social commentary, earning her global acclaim.

Dave Chappelle remains a heavyweight in the world of comedy. Known for his sharp, edgy humor and willingness to tackle controversial topics, Chappelle's specials are always a talk-of-the-town event.

Michelle Wolf gained attention after her blistering performance at the White House Correspondents' Dinner. Her fearless approach to comedy makes her shows both hilarious and thought-provoking.

Lastly, Hasan Minhaj combines his comedic talent with insightful commentary on his show Patriot Act. Covering everything from pop culture to politics, Minhaj has quickly become a favorite among viewers seeking laughter laced with intelligence.

Now that we've highlighted some top comedy acts featured alongside Trevor Noah -- let's look into how you can grab your tickets for an unforgettable night of laughter.


We've shared all about getting your hands on Trevor Noah tickets. Remember, official sites like Ticketmaster are your go-to. Look out for pre-sale or promo codes to save some cash.

Ready to laugh with one of the best comedians around? Trevor Noah's shows promise great humor and unforgettable moments. So, grab those tickets—be part of the laughter-filled experience that fans worldwide are eager for.

Let's enjoy the comedy journey together!


1. Where can I find Trevor Noah's schedule?

Look online, on official websites or social media. They have all the dates and places for his shows.

2. How early should I buy tickets?

As soon as you can! Tickets sell out fast because many people want to see him.

3. Can I get tickets for a group?

Yes, most places let you buy several tickets at once. It’s a good way to make sure everyone sits together.

4. What if the show is sold out?

Check back often -- sometimes more tickets are released before the show date. Or, look for resale options, but be careful to use trusted sites.