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Hunting down tickets for a Thomas Rhett concert can feel like an exhilarating treasure hunt, with fans everywhere eager to claim their spot at one of the country star's unforgettable shows.

It's especially exciting knowing that Thomas Rhett is set to grace the stage at Country Jam 2024 in Grand Junction, CO—a tidbit that ramps up the anticipation and demand for his performances.

This peek into his tour plans unveils a golden opportunity to witness his music live, making the quest for tickets all the more thrilling.

With our years spent weaving through the ins and outs of the music and event industry, we've become pros at landing those elusive concert tickets. Our approach goes beyond just knowing where to search—it’s about crafting a strategy to snag your entry smoothly and swiftly.

Equipped with rich insights and hands-on experience, let us steer you toward securing your Thomas Rhett tickets... Continue reading; this could be your chance to strike ticket gold!

Key Takeaways

  • Thomas Rhett is set to perform at Country Jam 2024 in Grand Junction, CO on June 22 and has other tour dates including July 20 in Eau Claire, WI.
  • Ticket prices start at $31 with an average price of $150 in 2023. The cheapest concert will be on May 4th in Des Moines at the Iowa Events Center.
  • Fans can buy tickets through Ticketmaster, where all his 2024 tour dates are listed, or explore options like StubHub for a guaranteed purchase. LiveNation.com also offers tickets along with special VIP packages and unique experiences.
  • Using apps like that from Ticketmaster or StubHub makes buying tickets and accessing them on phones easier, avoiding the need for printed copies.
  • Attending a Thomas Rhett concert is not just about listening to music; it's about creating lasting memories with each song shared among fans.


Thomas Rhett Tour Details

Thomas Rhett is hitting the road, bringing his hits to fans across the country. Check out where and when you can catch his live performances, along with ticket prices for a show near you.

Upcoming concert dates

We're all set for some exciting times with Thomas Rhett's tour just around the corner. His lineup includes a mix of locations and dates that promise great music and unforgettable nights. Here's what fans need to know about where they can catch him live.


  1. Country Jam 2024, Grand Junction, CO - Mark your calendars for June 22, 2024. It's going to be an epic day at Country Jam with Thomas Rhett headlining the event. The vibes at Grand Junction are unmatched, making it a must-visit.
  2. Country Jam, Eau Claire, WI - Another date for Country Jam enthusiasts is July 20, 2024, this time in Eau Claire, WI. It promises to be another stellar performance by Thomas Rhett in the heart of summer.
  3. HOME TEAM TOUR 2023 - With special guests Cole Swindell and Nate Smith joining him, July 7th, 2023 at 7:30pm is a date fans won't want to miss. This evening promises hits after hits at this spectacular show.
  4. CFG Bank Arena, Baltimore, MD - The tour makes its way to Baltimore on July 21st. Thomas Rhett fans in Maryland will get their chance to sing along with their favorite tunes live.
  5. UBS Arena, Elmont, NY - Closing out this part of his tour on July 22nd in Elmont NY at the UBS Arena; it's the perfect opportunity for New York fans to see him perform his chart-topping hits live.


Now that you've got all the dates and locations locked down...

Ticket prices

Understanding ticket prices for Thomas Rhett's concerts is straightforward. Here's a quick look at the pricing landscape for his shows. The starting point for tickets is remarkably affordable, at $31. Throughout 2023, the average cost hovered around $150, providing a range of options for fans with different budgets. Notably, the May 4th performance in Des Moines, held at the Iowa Events Center, emerged as the most budget-friendly option of the year.

Here's a breakdown in HTML table format for clarity:


Detail Information
Cheapest Ticket Price $31
Average Ticket Price in 2023 $150
Cheapest Concert Location and Date May 4th, Des Moines (Iowa Events Center)


Keep in mind, these figures offer a helpful guide as you plan your concert experience. Prices may vary based on specific dates, venues, and market demand. Check official ticketing platforms like Ticketmaster or LiveNation.com for the most current information and to secure your spot at a Thomas Rhett concert.

How to Buy Thomas Rhett Tickets

Buying Thomas Rhett tickets is simple. Check sites like Ticketmaster and LiveNation.com for quick purchases.

On Ticketmaster

We know you're eager to catch the Home Team Tour 23 by Thomas Rhett, and there's no better place to grab your tickets than Ticketmaster, the official site for all his 2024 concert tour dates.

Keep in mind, prices change and extra fees apply. For a smooth experience, make sure you buy directly from Ticketmaster.com or head over to the NBT Bank Box Office if you prefer an in-person purchase.


Secure your spot at Thomas Rhett events effortlessly through Ticketmaster.


Remembering that everyone needs a ticket for these shows is crucial. And if you're all about convenience, download the Ticketmaster App. Why? Because mobile tickets for these concerts aren't available on the MLB Ballpark App—only on Ticketmaster's own platform.

This way, we ensure you won't miss out on any of Thomas Rhett’s unforgettable performances due to ticket issues.

Through StubHub

After looking at options on Ticketmaster, we also consider buying Thomas Rhett tickets through another platform. We find that tickets for the upcoming tour are readily available for purchase here.

One big plus is knowing every ticket bought is 100% guaranteed. This gives us peace of mind, making it a reliable choice.

We also appreciate how easy it is to use their app. It lets us view and access our purchased tickets right from our phones, which means less hassle at the event entrance—no need to print anything out or worry about losing paper tickets.

Another exciting find—we can get KICKS 99 Guitar Pull concert tickets here too! Whether we're planning to see Thomas Rhett or enjoy other music events, this option covers quite a bit of ground for us fans looking forward to live shows.

On LiveNation.com

We know fans are eager to see Thomas Rhett live, and good news—tickets for his shows are easy to find on LiveNation.com. Here, you can check out all the upcoming 2024 tour dates and concert schedules.

Whether you're looking for a show in the UK or elsewhere, it's your go-to spot. Plus, there are VIP packages if you're aiming for something extra special.

Live Nation doesn't just stop at ticket sales; they offer unique experiences too. Fancy a backstage tour experience with Thomas Rhett? They've got that option. Keep an eye out because they also run sweepstakes where lucky winners can score free tickets to a concert! Remember the Home Team Tour 23 event on June 16, 2023? Tickets went up for grabs right here.

So, whether it’s snagging those sought-after seats or getting insider info about what to expect at his concert, LiveNation.com is your hub. They even tease the chance of ticket upgrades—making your concert experience unforgettable without breaking a sweat on searches elsewhere.


Getting your hands on Thomas Rhett tickets means you're in for an unforgettable show. His concerts bring together fans from all walks of life, ready to sing along and enjoy the music.

Whether it's through Ticketmaster, LiveNation, or another trusted source, securing those tickets is your ticket to a night full of country hits and great vibes. Remember, with each concert, you’re not just hearing songs; you're making memories that last long after the final note.

So don't wait—join us and experience the magic of Thomas Rhett live!


1. How do I find Thomas Rhett tour dates?

Check online for the latest schedule. It lists all cities and dates where Thomas Rhett will perform.

2. Can I buy Thomas Rhett tickets online?

Yes, you can! Tickets are available on official websites and ticket selling platforms. Make sure to grab yours early – they sell out fast.

3. Are there different types of tickets for a Thomas Rhett show?

Indeed, there are – from standard entry to VIP experiences. Each offers a unique way to enjoy the concert.

4. What should I do if a Thomas Rhett concert is sold out?

Don't lose hope! Sometimes, additional shows are added due to high demand or tickets become available last minute from resellers. Keep checking back for updates.