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Securing Slipknot tickets is an adventure in itself. Imagine you're on the hunt, not just for a quick buy but for that golden ticket at the right price. Did you know the average ticket could set you back about $188? Yet, with a bit of digging, prices as friendly as $37 can pop up.

This knowledge shifts the whole game of concert ticket buying, turning it into more of a treasure hunt.

With years ticking by in event planning and music journalism, we've got quite the knack for snagging those highly coveted tickets to tours like Slipknot's 25th-anniversary celebration.

It's our blend of personal experiences and insider smarts that comes in handy, especially given Slipknot's knack for packing venues with their electrifying performances. We're here to guide you through this maze, making sure you find yourself exactly where you want to be – soaking in every second of the live chaos that only Slipknot can deliver.

Key Takeaways

  • Slipknot tickets can range from $37 to about $188, making it a hunt for the best price.
  • The band is touring in 2023 and 2024 across 9 countries with 39 concerts, including big festivals like Welcome to Rockville.
  • Fans can buy tickets directly from sites like Ticketmaster or look into VIP packages for special perks.
  • Reviews say Slipknot shows are intense and unforgettable, with high energy and a strong sense of community among fans.
  • Supporting acts for the tour include bands like Behemoth, adding more excitement to the show.


Slipknot 2023 Tour Schedule

Slipknot is hitting the road in 2023, bringing their explosive show to fans across various cities. Check out where and when you can catch them live for an unforgettable experience.

List of Cities and Tour Dates

We're thrilled to share with you the much-anticipated tour dates and cities where Slipknot will be unleashing their unparalleled energy in 2023 and 2024. Their tour is a journey across 9 countries with a total of 39 concerts, promising an unforgettable experience for fans everywhere. Highlights include the Welcome to Rockville in Daytona Beach, FL, and the Sonic Temple Festival in Columbus, OH. By August 2024, the tour kicks off at Ruoff Music Center in Noblesville, Indiana, winding down on September 18 at Dos Equis Pavilion in Dallas. Here’s a quick look at where and when you can catch Slipknot live:


Date City Event
2023 Dates TBD Various Welcome to Rockville, Daytona Beach, FLSonic Temple Festival, Columbus, OH; + More
Aug 6, 2024 Noblesville, IN Ruoff Music Center
Sept 18, 2024 Dallas, TX Dos Equis Pavilion


We, as fans ourselves, are excited and counting down the days. Keep this list handy, and don’t miss the chance to witness the sheer power of Slipknot live in concert!

How to Buy Slipknot Tickets

Moving on from the cities and tour dates, getting your hands on Slipknot tickets is straightforward. Fans eager to catch the show live can easily find tickets online. Ticketmaster is a great place to start, offering a direct path to purchase.

If you're aiming for sold-out shows, don't worry—options are still available.

For those looking beyond general admission, VIP packages elevate the concert experience with exclusive perks. And for fans in the UK hunting for that special event vibe, booking online secures your spot at unforgettable performances.

Remember KNOTFEST JAPAN 2023? Up to six tickets can be snagged per person per show, making group plans hassle-free.


Don’t miss out on witnessing Slipknot live; secure your tickets early and get ready for an electrifying show!


Slipknot Concert Reviews & Highlights

Fans rave about Slipknot shows, calling them unforgettable experiences. From intense music to amazing visuals, every concert is a blast.

Fan Thoughts and Star Ratings

We know everyone looks for genuine fan opinions before buying Slipknot tickets. People want to hear about the energy, the atmosphere, and whether it's worth their time and money. Well, we’ve gathered feedback and star ratings from fans just like you. Here’s what they say:


  • The average review score for Slipknot events at the Freedom Mortgage Pavilion is 4.0 stars. This means most people walk away pretty happy with their experience.
  • Many describe Slipknot shows as a blast of euphoric noise that fills them with gratitude. They leave feeling more aware of their mortality but in a good way, excited to be alive.
  • Fans rave about the extreme performances Slipknot puts on. They say it’s like nothing else out there – truly one of the most intense live acts around.
  • The sense of community at these events is something else entirely. Attendees talk about feeling connected not just to the band but to everyone in the crowd.
  • Highlights often include unexpected guest bands that bring their own flair to the show. This mix keeps things fresh and adds value to each ticket.


Reading through these points, it’s clear Slipknot concerts are not just about music; they're an experience that sticks with you long after the last note plays.

Memorable Moments from Previous Shows

Moving on from what fans think and how they rate Slipknot shows, let's talk about those unforgettable moments that have left everyone in awe. Slipknot concerts are not just events; they're experiences filled with intense energy and unexpected twists.

For instance, their All Hope Is Gone World Tour was a display of sheer brilliance. The band’s performance shone through their technical skills and creative genius.

At the Saint Paul concert, the set list had all their hits, making it an unforgettable night for fans. Their songs live are more than just music; they’re an explosion of emotions and power.

Each show is packed with shocking elements that keep you on your edge—like sudden acts on stage that sometimes lead to injuries but only add to Slipknot's fierce reputation.

Their ability to create a scary yet thrilling atmosphere has sparked rumors and controversies over the years. Yet, this hasn’t stopped them from delivering powerful performances one after another.

Despite whispers of break-ups, Slipknot proves time and again—they're here to stay and dominate the stage with memorable shows that fans can't get enough of.

Supporting Acts and Guest Bands

We're excited to share that our Slipknot tour will feature amazing supporting acts and guest bands, making each show an unforgettable experience. Among them, Behemoth has joined us as a support band.

Their performance received rave reviews from fans and critics alike. They brought an intense energy to the stage that perfectly matched our vibe.

Adding more excitement, the 25th-anniversary tour of Slipknot includes special guests like Knocked Loose, Orbit Culture, and Vended. Each band brings its unique sound to the mix, promising a diverse musical journey for everyone attending.

We feel proud to have such talented groups join us on this monumental tour.

Fans can expect a thrilling lineup with every Slipknot show they attend. These supporting acts are not only talented but also bring a fresh dynamic to the concerts that enrich the overall experience.

We can't wait for you all to see what we've put together - it’s going to be epic!


Getting Slipknot tickets is like unlocking an intense musical journey. These shows will pack a punch with unforgettable music, wild masks, and a crowd full of energy. Prices are varied, so everyone can find a way to join the madness.

With cities lined up and the stage set for epic performances, we're all in for a treat. It's more than just a concert—it's an experience that sticks with you, fuelled by raw energy and iconic tracks from "Iowa" to newer hits.

Let's get ready to rock out with Slipknot!


1. How do I get Slipknot tickets?

Find tickets online, check the official Slipknot website, or visit ticket selling platforms. Always ensure they're for the correct tour dates.

2. What's the schedule for the Slipknot tour?

The Slipknot schedule lists all shows and locations on their official site. It’s updated regularly, so keep an eye out.

3. Can I find out when Slipknot will perform near me?

Yes, you can! The tour dates on their website show every city and venue they’re hitting—check it to see when they’re in your area.

4. Are there different types of tickets for a Slipknot event?

Indeed – from standard entry to VIP experiences, options vary by show and location, offering something for everyone at a Slipknot event.