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About Sebastian Maniscalco


Landing tickets for a Sebastian Maniscalco show is like finding a pot of gold. With his It Ain't Right Tour hitting the scene, fans are buzzing with anticipation to see him live. But let’s be honest, getting your hands on those tickets can be tricky—from worries about their authenticity to snagging the best seats at the right price.

Luckily, you’ve got us in your corner. With our rich background in event planning and an uncanny ability to uncover amazing entertainment opportunities, we're here to make this ticket-buying journey smooth sailing.

Years of diving deep into the world of live events have sharpened our instincts on not just when but where to find those precious seats without spending a fortune. Our adventures have ranged from standing in early morning lines at box offices to becoming masters at navigating online sales platforms—all in search of that perfect audience experience.

Let’s dive into everything you need to know about getting your hands on those prized Sebastian Maniscalco tickets.

Key Takeaways

  • Sebastian Maniscalco is touring with his "It Ain't Right Tour" starting May 25, 2024, in cities like Las Vegas, Chicago, New York City, and ending December 15 in Iowa.
  • Ticket prices vary widely from $32 to $5600.00, with a special offer of $25 tickets for some shows in Pittsburgh and cheaper options available through checking sales, fan clubs, and credit card deals.
  • Tickets can be bought safely from official sites like Ticketmaster.com or AXS.com. For those looking at resale options for possibly cheaper deals or sold-out shows, reputable websites are recommended to avoid scams.
  • To save money on tickets, fans should look out for promotions early on or consider buying closer to the event date when sellers might drop prices to fill seats. Joining fan clubs or taking advantage of credit card company offers can also lead to discounts.
  • The tour promises laughter - filled nights across several major cities making it crucial for fans to secure their spots by regularly checking official ticket selling platforms and staying alert for any deals.


About Sebastian Maniscalco Tickets

Sebastian Maniscalco tickets are your key to a night of laughter. They cover shows across cities, promising fun everywhere he goes.

Tour dates and locations

We're here to share all you need to know about the Sebastian Maniscalco tour dates and locations. You'll find where and when you can catch this hilarious comedian on his "It Ain't Right Tour."


  1. Our journey kicks off on May 25, 2024. Mark your calendars! We're starting in Las Vegas, NV, at The Wynn, specifically in the Encore Theater. This city knows how to welcome stars, making it the perfect spot for an opening night.
  2. Then we take a trip to Chicago—expect us at the United Center on November 8 and 9, 2024. It's going to be two nights of unstoppable laughter in one of the country's most vibrant cities.
  3. Don't forget New York City! From September 18 - 22, 2024, we'll light up Madison Square Garden with humor that hits home. Five nights in the Big Apple means more chances for you to join us.
  4. Lastly, December 15, 2024, wraps our tour at the Wells Fargo Arena in Iowa. Ending our run with a blast in the heartland of America promises an unforgettable night.


Each location offers a unique backdrop for Sebastian's incredible performance. We can't wait to see you there—laughing along with us makes every show special.

Ticket prices and deals

Moving from tour dates and locations, we delve into the crucial aspect of securing your spot at a Sebastian Maniscalco show - the ticket prices and deals. Here's a breakdown to help you navigate your options, ensuring you find the best deal.


Price Category Details
Lowest Price $32
Average Price $227.23
Special Offer $25 tickets for 50+ shows in the Pittsburgh area (Limited Time)
High-end Seats Up to $5600.00
Resale Tickets Prices may be above face value
More Affordable Average $187, with options as low as $63


We aim to make it easier for fans like us to experience the laughter and joy that comes with watching Sebastian live. Remember, deals vary, and scoring tickets at the best price involves keeping an eye out for sales, promotions, and those special offers limited to certain locations or times. Don't miss out on the chance to enjoy an unforgettable night.

Where to purchase tickets

We all want to see Sebastian Maniscalco live, right? Good news! We can buy tickets from the official Ticketmaster.com site. It's easy and safe. And if we're looking for deals, they've got us covered with a 150% money-back guarantee on cheap tickets.

Another great place to check is AXS.com, especially for those really sought-after tour dates.

For fans planning to catch the show at Madison Square Garden in New York, NY, jump online and grab your tickets there too. And don't forget about the "It Ain't Right Tour 2024" - tickets are waiting for us at Ticketmaster and the NBT Bank Box Office.

Lastly, if Viejas Arena is where we're headed, remember it's a cashless venue. But no worries – we can easily convert our cash to cards at their no-fee kiosks by the Main Gate or Gate 3.

With these options, getting our hands on those precious Sebastian Maniscalco event tickets is a breeze!

Tips for Buying Cheap Sebastian Maniscalco Tickets

To save on Sebastian Maniscalco tickets, keep an eye on sales and special offers early. Don't shy away from checking out resale options for deals that might pop up closer to the event day.

Monitor ticket sales and promotions

We always keep an eye on ticket sales and special offers for Sebastian Maniscalco's shows. It's a smart move because new dates are often added due to high demand. This means more chances for us to grab a good deal.

With platforms like CheapTickets, we can easily watch for updates and promotions. They offer a 150% money-back guarantee on last-minute buys, making it less risky if plans change.

Finding cheap tickets for big events, including Sebastian Maniscalco’s Atlantic City performance, requires staying alert. We search through fan clubs and credit card company offers as they sometimes have exclusive discounts that aren't widely advertised.

Also, buying closer to the event date can lead to savings; sellers often lower prices to fill seats.

Keeping track of promotions is key too—especially since all sales are final and you cannot sell tickets for more than their face value. So we make sure we're getting the best price right from the start by monitoring sites known for real deals without stepping over the line into resale territories with inflated prices.

Consider purchasing resale tickets

Resale tickets can be a great way to see Sebastian Maniscalco perform, especially if you've missed the initial sale or are looking for a deal. These tickets often pop up at prices lower than what you'd find directly from primary sellers.

On the flip side, some might cost more than face value. Our advice? Always compare prices to make sure you're snagging a good deal. It's crucial to stick to reputable websites when hunting for resale tickets, keeping scams and frauds at bay.

There’s also something exciting about checking out various shows and tour dates through resale options. You get flexibility in choosing when and where to see Sebastian Maniscalco live without being boxed into the original sale dates and locations.


Scoring a good deal on resale tickets feels like hitting the jackpot – not only do you save money, but you also end up with great seats!


Look for discounted tickets through fan clubs or credit card companies

We always keep an eye out for discounts through Sebastian Maniscalco's fan clubs and credit card companies. Discounts can pop up, offering a great deal on tickets. Fan clubs often have special offers just for members, including early access to tickets or even exclusive pricing that you won't find anywhere else.

It's a smart move to join if you're a big fan.

Credit card companies sometimes team up with entertainers to provide perks like discounted rates or priority booking to cardholders. We check these deals regularly, making sure we don't miss out on a chance to save money while still catching one of Sebastian's incredible shows.

Always read the details—these opportunities can make seeing your favorite comedian more affordable.

Buy tickets closer to the show date

We sometimes wait to buy Sebastian Maniscalco tickets closer to the show date. This can be a smart move. Sellers often drop prices as the event nears, aiming to fill every seat. We've seen this happen often and it's a great chance to grab a deal.

Keeping an eye on ticket platforms for last-minute offers is key here.

CheapTickets has a fantastic offer – they promise a 150% money-back guarantee for those last-minute purchases we make. This gives us peace of mind, knowing we can get our money back if plans change or something comes up.

It's always exciting snagging those deals right before the show starts, making the experience even sweeter without spending too much.


We all know catching Sebastian Maniscalco live is a treat. His 2024 'It Ain't Right' Tour, with shows from Las Vegas to The Garden, promises laughter and unforgettable nights. Tickets? They start at $32—a small price for a big laugh.

Remember, deals pop up; keep an eye out and you might snag them cheaper. Fan clubs and credit card perks also offer paths to savings. So, let's grab our tickets—whether early or last minute—and get ready for a night filled with humor we won't stop talking about.


1. Where can I find Sebastian Maniscalco's schedule?

Check online for Sebastian Maniscalco’s schedule, it’s updated regularly. You’ll see all the places and dates where he’s performing.

2. How do I buy tickets for a Sebastian Maniscalco show?

Visit ticket selling websites or the venue's box office directly. They'll have what you need to get your spot at his show.

3. Are there VIP tickets available for Sebastian Maniscalco shows?

Yes, some venues offer VIP packages—these come with special perks like front-row seats or meet-and-greets. Look into each event for details.

4. What should I do if a show is sold out?

Don’t lose hope! Sometimes, extra tickets are released closer to the event date. Keep an eye on official ticket sites or consider resale options—but watch out for scams.