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As avid live music fans, we get the thrill—and sometimes the headache—of chasing down tickets to see our favorite artists. Trying to score Sam Hunt tickets for his eagerly awaited 2024 Locked Up Tour featuring Russell Dickerson feels like a mix of excitement and strategy.

This tour isn't just another concert series; it's a significant comeback for Hunt and an unforgettable affair for anyone who loves country music. Our guide is here to make this process smoother so you can spend more time looking forward to the concert rather than worrying about how to secure your spot.

After years of navigating the tricky waters of concert ticket sales, our knowledge about snagging those hard-to-get event passes is vast and nuanced. We’ve felt the rush of finally getting through to buy tickets after what seems like endless attempts—an experience that’s as exhilarating as it is exhausting.

Knowing where and when to search is crucial. So, if you’re itching for those prized Sam Hunt seats, stick with us—we've got some insider advice that might just give you the edge you need.

Key Takeaways

  • Sam Hunt's 2024 Locked Up Tour starts on February 22 and ends on October 19, featuring Russell Dickerson. You can see him at places like Fiddler’s Green Amphitheatre in Greenwood Village, CO.
  • Ticket prices vary, starting from $35 for General Admission to different package prices for VIP experiences. Buy tickets through the Official Sam Hunt Website or Authorized Ticket Sellers to avoid scams.
  • For deals on Sam Hunt tickets, use pre-sale codes available at the pre-order store or Ticketmaster. Check resale platforms for cheaper options as the concert date gets closer.
  • Group sales and discounts can save money, especially with fan club memberships or early bird discounts. Contacting the venue directly might also offer special group rates not advertised elsewhere.
  • Buying tickets as soon as they’re available ensures better deals and seating options. Remember to buy from reputable sources for secure transactions.


Guide to Securing Sam Hunt Concert Tickets

Ready to see Sam Hunt live? We'll show you how to grab those concert tickets fast. Check tour dates, venues, and where to buy—no fuss, no miss.

Explore Tour Dates and Venues for Sam Hunt

We've got all the info you need on where and when to catch Sam Hunt live. His Locked Up Tour for 2024 is hitting the road with over 15 shows across various places.

Here's how to plan your Sam Hunt concert experience:


  1. The tour kicks off on February 22, 2024 – mark your calendars! Sam Hunt starts his journey with fans, and it's a date you won't want to miss.
  2. It all wraps up on October 19, 2024. This gives us plenty of time to find a show that fits our schedule.
  3. Fiddler’s Green Amphitheatre in Greenwood Village, CO hosts him on August 2, 2024. Imagine catching him live with supporting acts Russell Dickerson and George Birge in this iconic venue!
  4. Check Ticketmaster for a complete calendar of all tour dates and venues. They're our go - to for seeing where Sam Hunt will perform next.
  5. Ticket sales are happening now! So, we can start planning our trip to see him without waiting a minute longer.
  6. With shows spread out through the year, we have options from spring through fall to join in the fun.
  7. Looking at the lineup and setlist info ahead helps us get even more excited about what's in store at each show.


With these points, we're ready to lock down those Sam Hunt tickets for his unforgettable performances throughout 2024. It's setting up to be an amazing tour!

Overview of Ticket Pricing and Buying Channels

Understanding Sam Hunt ticket prices and where to buy them ensures a smooth purchasing process for us fans. Here's what we need to know:


Ticket Type Price Range Buying Channels
General Admission $35 Official Sam Hunt Website, Authorized Ticket Sellers
Firestone Concert Pit $75 Official Sam Hunt Website, Authorized Ticket Sellers
VIP Lounge Experience Package Price Varies Official Sam Hunt Website
House Party Pit Package Package Price Varies Official Sam Hunt Website
Outskirts Tour 2024 Tickets $40.75 to $100.75, plus fees Official Sam Hunt Website, Authorized Ticket Sellers
Walmart AMP Concert $34.75 to $119.75, plus fees Official Venue Website, Authorized Ticket Sellers


Purchasing from reputable sources guarantees secure transactions, with a 100% buyer assurance that tickets will be delivered before the event. Prices vary based on the concert location and the type of experience we're after, from general admission to exclusive VIP packages. For the best deals and genuine tickets, sticking to the official Sam Hunt website or authorized ticket sellers is our go-to strategy. This way, we bypass potential scams and enjoy the concert with peace of mind.

How to Find Deals on Sam Hunt Tickets

Finding deals on Sam Hunt tickets can feel like a treasure hunt. We know the best tricks to score those sweet discounts, from early bird specials to cost-saving bundles, making sure you see Sam Hunt live without breaking the bank.

Accessing Pre-sale Codes for Early Purchasing

We want to let you in on a secret about getting Sam Hunt tickets ahead of the crowd. Getting pre-sale codes makes this possible. These codes are like magic keys that open doors before anyone else gets a chance.

You can find them through the Sam Hunt pre-order store or ask Ticketmaster for help. They're special, case-sensitive, and once they're used, that's it.


>Remember, those exclusive Sam Hunt pre-sale passwords and codes are your early bird ticket to securing your spot at the show.


Using these codes is easy but remember to act fast as they only work once and everyone wants in on the action. With Ticketmaster ready to assist, grabbing those sought-after tickets feels less like a race against time.

Navigating Ticket Resale Platforms Effectively

After grabbing those pre-sale codes, it's time to dive into ticket resale platforms. Here, we can find good deals on Sam Hunt tickets. Let's explore how to make this step a success.

First, look for the "Locked Up Tour" tickets for Sam Hunt. These are out there waiting for us. Then, use the Filters button smartly. It helps a lot if we toggle the "Show accessible tickets" option. This way, we catch all the options available.

Now, onto a few key steps:


  1. Check multiple platforms, not just one. Prices can vary a lot from one site to another.
  2. Keep an eye out for deals right before the event date. Sometimes prices drop as the event gets closer.
  3. Sign up for alerts on price drops for Sam Hunt shows in our area.
  4. Read up on each platform’s policies — refunds, electronic vs physical tickets, and so forth.
  5. Use secure payment methods always; look for guarantees or buyer protection if things go south.


That’s our simple guide through this path. With these points in mind, grabbing those Sam Hunt tour tickets will be less of a headache and more of an exciting countdown to showtime!

Benefiting from Group Sales and Discounts

We all love saving money, especially when it comes to seeing our favorite artists live. Group sales and discounts are a fantastic way to get more for less at a Sam Hunt concert. Here's how we can make the most out of these deals:


  1. Check with the Venue: Many times, venues offer special group rates. This means if we gather friends or family, we can grab tickets at a lower price per person.
  2. Sign Up for Fan Clubs: Being part of Sam Hunt's fan club might give us access to exclusive discounts not available to the general public.
  3. Use Social Media: Often, promoters share special codes on social media that we can use for group discounts. Keeping an eye on Sam Hunt's official pages can pay off.
  4. Look for Early Bird Discounts: Buying tickets as soon as they go on sale can sometimes mean getting them at a reduced price, especially if we're buying for a big group.
  5. Contact the Ticket Seller Directly: It's worth reaching out directly to ask about any unadvertised group discounts.
  6. Explore VIP Packages: While initially more expensive, VIP packages divided among a group might end up offering more value with exclusive perks and experiences that standard tickets don't provide.


Remember, enjoying Sam Hunt’s music live is about making memories, and doing it as part of a group not only saves money but enhances the experience too!


Grabbing Sam Hunt tickets is easier than you think. With the Locked Up Tour on the horizon, we're all set to enjoy some fantastic country music. Whether it's through presale codes or keeping an eye out for Live Nation's Concert Week deals, there are plenty of ways to find a good deal.

Remember, group sales can also lead to big savings. Let's make sure not to miss out on what promises to be an unforgettable tour with Sam Hunt and special guest Russell Dickerson hitting the stage together!


1. Where can I find Sam Hunt tickets?

You can find Sam Hunt tickets online, check his tour dates for a show near you.

2. How much do Sam Hunt tickets cost?

Prices vary based on the event location and seat choice, but they're worth it for a great show.

3. What's the schedule for the Sam Hunt tour?

Sam Hunt's tour schedule is updated regularly online – look it up to find when he's in your city.

4. Can I get tickets for any Sam Hunt show?

Yes, as long as they're not sold out. Check early to grab your spot at a Sam Hunt event!