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Scoring Roger Waters tickets might seem like a daunting task given the whirlwind of tour dates and cities. However, knowing the ins and outs of where to snag genuine tickets can make all the difference.

We're here to steer you toward securing those highly sought-after seats for what promises to be an unforgettable concert experience. With Roger Waters gearing up for his "This Is Not a Drill Tour" in 2024, fans are buzzing with anticipation—a feeling we know all too well.

Our team brings years of firsthand experience from the trenches of music and concert scenes, positioning us as your go-to source for advice. Consider us not merely writers but seasoned concert veterans who've weathered ticket lines for countless shows, including those of legends like Roger Waters himself.

Armed with our insights, locking down your spot at his next performance will be nothing short of smooth sailing. Prepare yourself for an epic musical adventure!

Key Takeaways

  • Roger Waters is going on tour with "Dark Side of the Moon Redux" as part of his "This Is Not A Drill Tour." Fans can buy tickets now for shows in various cities like London, New York City, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Toronto, and Chicago.
  • Tickets for the tour go on sale Friday, October 21. Fans can buy them at WellsFargoCenterPhilly.com or by visiting or calling the Wells Fargo Center. VIP packages are also available in the UK.
  • Some fans love Roger Waters' concerts for their amazing music and showmanship. Others have stopped supporting him because of his political views and actions that have sparked controversy.
  • Apart from Roger Waters, there are other popular artists touring like Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Billie Eilish, Bad Bunny, Elton John, Coldplay, and The Weeknd. Each artist offers unique music experiences worth attending.


Upcoming Tour: Roger Waters Tickets on Sale

Roger Waters' "Dark Side of the Moon Redux" tour is coming. You can buy tickets now for shows in various cities.

Dark Side of the Moon Redux tour

We're excited about the Dark Side of the Moon Redux tour, where Roger Waters brings a fresh take on Pink Floyd's iconic album. Set to launch as part of his This Is Not A Drill 2023 Tour, this show promises an unforgettable experience.

With a release date set for October 6th, anticipation is high. The tour will celebrate the reimagined album with live performances that have fans buzzing.

Waters has been sharing insights into each track from The Dark Side Of The Moon Redux, adding to the excitement. These previews came alive at a special showing at the London Palladium.

Plus, there’s something special for vinyl collectors – a limited edition picture disc available on Record Store Day, April 20th.

Exploring these new arrangements live will be a highlight for many fans this year. Next up let's dive into how you can secure tickets for one of these shows.

Cities and dates

After delving into the excitement of the Dark Side of the Moon Redux tour, it's time to get down to the specifics. Fans everywhere are eager to mark their calendars.

Here comes the list you've been waiting for — where and when Roger Waters will bring his unforgettable performances:


  1. London: The tour kicks off with a bang in one of music's most iconic cities. London fans, get ready to see Roger in 2024—details on venues and specific dates are coming soon.
  2. New York City: A place no stranger to legendary concerts, New York will once again play host. Remember that epic show at Madison Square Garden on August 31, 2022? Expect more magic around the same time in 2024.
  3. Los Angeles: Always ready for big names, LA is on the list for a night you won't forget. Set your sights on 2024 for this spectacular show.
  4. Mexico City: Bringing his unique sound south of the border, Roger Waters' performance is sure to be a hit in this vibrant city. Keep an eye out for dates in 2024.
  5. Toronto: Canada's music lovers are not left out, with Toronto hosting an unforgettable evening with Roger Waters in 2024.
  6. Chicago: Don't miss out as Chicago joins the list of must-visit stops on the tour circuit in 2024.


For those planning to catch these shows, tickets for the This Is Not a Drill tour are up for grabs now! Whether it's revisiting classics or experiencing new arrangements live, grabbing your spot is just a few clicks away.

How to purchase tickets

Moving from looking at dates and cities, let's talk about how you can secure your spot at a Roger Waters show. We know fans are eager to grab tickets for the much-anticipated tour. Here’s a simple guide:


  1. Mark your calendar for Friday, October 21. This is when tickets go live.
  2. Visit WellsFargoCenterPhilly.com first thing on that day. It's the official site for ticket sales.
  3. Consider calling if you prefer talking to someone or go in person to the Wells Fargo Center for a more personal touch.
  4. Keep an eye out for VIP packages, especially if you're looking for something extra special. These are available in the UK and come with great seating options.
  5. Given the high demand, Roger Waters added a third Us + Them Tour stop at the Wells Fargo Center — more chances for you to get tickets!


We're excited just thinking about the amazing show that's coming up and can’t wait to see many of you there! Grabbing your tickets early is key, so make sure you’re ready on sale day.

Fan Reactions and Reviews

Fans are buzzing with excitement and opinions about Roger Waters' tour. Everyone has something to say, from glowing reviews of his performances to debates over his political views.

Positive reviews and experience

People everywhere love Roger Waters' shows. They say "The Wall" is a huge show that really makes you feel close to the music. One person even said watching the concert film "Roger Waters – Us + Them" feels like stepping into another world, full of fantasy and amazing sounds.

At a concert in Tampa, FL, someone found the "This is Not a Drill" tour's sound and setup just mind-blowing.

Another review from Athens, Greece talked about how much more powerful "The Wall" show was with an even bigger wall and more people there. They couldn't get over how cool it was when the band played "Hey You" behind the big wall—it felt special and exciting.

People also can't stop talking about how good Roger Waters looks on stage and how awesome his band plays together during their tours.

Moving on to something different now...

Controversy surrounding Roger Waters' political views

Roger Waters has been in the news a lot, not just for his music but for his political views too. He's made some choices that have sparked a lot of talks. For example, he decided to stand with Vladimir Putin, which many people didn't like at all.

This move alone has turned quite a few fans away.

His thoughts on politics have also changed how some folks see his shows. At one point, he wore an outfit that looked a lot like what Nazis wore during a concert in Berlin. That upset many people.

Plus, there are those who say he doesn't like Jewish people, which he strongly denies on social media.

These actions and words from Roger Waters have caused big arguments among his fans. Some defend him; others can't support him anymore because of what he says and does regarding politics.

It's clear that these issues have affected how people feel about going to his concerts and buying tickets for the Roger Waters Tour dates.

Other popular artists on tour

We know fans are always on the lookout for great music events. Checking out who else is hitting the road can help you plan some unforgettable nights. Here's a list of popular artists currently touring that shouldn't be missed.

Taylor Swift is enchanting stadiums worldwide with her "Eras Tour." Fans get a nostalgic trip through all her music phases. It's a must-see for anyone who loves catchy tunes and powerful performances.

Ed Sheeran takes his guitar and heartfelt lyrics on the "Mathematics Tour." His shows are famous for creating an intimate feel, even in large venues. You'll feel like he's singing just to you.

Billie Eilish, known for her unique voice and electropop sounds, dazzles audiences on her "Happier Than Ever" tour. Her performance is as memorable as her hit songs.

Bad Bunny brings energy and rhythm to stages with his "World's Hottest Tour." If you love to dance, his concert is where you want to be.

Elton John continues to say goodbye with his "Farewell Yellow Brick Road" tour. Watching this legend perform live is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity not to be missed.

Coldplay lights up the sky with their "Music of the Spheres World Tour." Their concerts are visually stunning and musically uplifting, perfect for fans of all ages.

Finally, The Weeknd keeps fans dancing with his blend of R&B and pop on the "After Hours Til Dawn" tour. His shows promise great music and an electrifying atmosphere.

These artists offer something for everyone, from pop enthusiasts to those who prefer beats they can dance to. Catching any of these tours will surely add memorable experiences to your concert-going adventures.


Getting your hands on Roger Waters tickets means more than just seeing a show. It's about experiencing music history live! Whether you're there for the nostalgia of Pink Floyd or to delve into his solo masterpieces, each concert promises something unique.

With options to buy from official sites like Ticketmaster and updates fresh off Roger Waters' social media, staying in the loop is easy. Sure, debates about his views stir among fans but don't let that overshadow the musical journey ahead.

Ready or not, these concerts are set to amaze so grab your tickets while you can – it's an event no fan should miss!


1. Where can I find the Roger Waters schedule?

Check online for the latest Roger Waters event schedule. It's updated often, so you'll know when and where to catch a show.

2. How do I buy Roger Waters tickets?

Tickets are available online. Choose a date from the Roger Waters schedule, and follow the prompts to purchase.

3. Can I get tickets for any city on the Roger Waters tour?

Yes, you can! Whether it's close by or far away, just pick a location from his tour schedule.

4. Are there VIP options for Roger Waters concerts?

Absolutely – select events offer VIP packages. Look at the specific details when you're buying your tickets.