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Securing Radiohead tickets can feel like a complex puzzle that only the most dedicated fans can solve. Yet, what many don't see is that with a little know-how and the right strategies, this daunting task shifts from an impossible quest to an achievable goal.

Since their inception in 1991, attending a Radiohead concert isn't just about seeing a live show; it's about being part of an epic musical journey spanning decades. Our guide aims to shed light on this process, offering you insider tips to land those elusive passes.

Our insights are drawn not just from years of following Radiohead from their early days up through the release of "A Moon Shaped Pool," but also from closely observing how ticket sales have changed over time.

We've honed our skills at deciphering tour announcements, utilizing pre-sale tactics effectively, and identifying reliable merchandise sources like W.A.S.T.E. HQ to give fans the upper hand in securing their place at a concert.

Continue reading for our well-refined advice on making your way into a Radiohead show... It's easier than you might think.

Key Takeaways

  • Radiohead concerts are powerful events that let fans experience decades of music history. Fans say these shows are unforgettable.
  • To get tickets, check Radiohead's official website for tour dates and buy through direct sources or approved resellers. Joining fan clubs can give you early access to tickets.
  • When buying tickets, be ready when they go on sale, use multiple devices, and keep payment information handy. Sometimes more tickets become available later if initially sold out.
  • Some fans find the ticket - buying process tough because of policies like Ticketmaster’s paperless system and high resale prices. However, sites like CashorTrade.org help by offering tickets at face value.
  • The band plays in big cities across North America, including Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Toronto, Vancouver, Austin, Denver, Boston, Detroit and Philadelphia. Tickets sell fast so being prepared is key.


Why You Should Get Radiohead Tickets

Seeing Radiohead live is a journey through epic music history. Their concerts are mind-blowing experiences you won't forget.

Glass-shattering performances

Radiohead shows are known for their glass-shattering performances. This means they put on very powerful and energetic concerts that leave a big impact on everyone who sees them. The band plays songs from decades of music, making each event special.

Fans always talk about how amazing these concerts are.

We love bringing our music to life in ways that surprise and delight our fans. With every Radiohead tour date, we aim to create an unforgettable experience. Our performances are more than just playing songs; they're about connecting deeply with our audience through the power of live music.

Each event spans years of creativity and hits that have defined generations. Attending a Radiohead concert is like taking a journey through musical history - all while being part of a thrilling present moment that's alive with energy and emotion.

Awe-inspiring event spanning decades of music

From glass-shattering performances, we move to something even more breathtaking. Experiencing Radiohead live is like walking through a musical museum that spans decades. Each song, a brushstroke of genius on the vast canvas of modern music.

Their concerts weave together sounds from different eras – blending the old with the new in ways only they can.

Fans often say it's not just a concert; it’s history coming alive right before your eyes. They've been shaping the music scene since their start, making every performance feel like you're part of something truly monumental.


Seeing Radiohead live is witnessing the evolution of music.


Reviews from fans

Fans are talking, and we're listening. Their experiences at Radiohead events paint a clear picture—these concerts are unforgettable. Here's what they're saying:


  1. Fans left feeling a whirlwind of emotions. Many shared how the band’s music touched their hearts in ways no other had done before, bringing them a unique mix of happiness and sadness.
  2. The experience was described as Zen - like by listeners. Attendees found themselves lost in the sound, transcending the ordinary concert feel into something more profound.
  3. Ticket policies caused some frustration, especially with Ticketmaster’s paperless system. This policy made it tough for fans to get refunds or even attend shows if plans changed.
  4. High resale prices on platforms like eBay added to the frustration for fans who missed out on initial sales. Watching tickets sell for much more than face value was disheartening for many.
  5. The New York shows were the talk of the town, with anticipation building up to levels rarely seen for other artists. Those who attended talked about it as a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
  6. Conversations about friendship prices revolving around Radiohead tickets also emerged among fans. They joked — yet somewhat seriously considered — how much they'd pay for tickets on behalf of friends wanting to join.
  7. The sense of competition was real, with fans feeling like they were competing against the entire world just to secure a ticket to see Radiohead live.


Through these reviews, it's clear: attending a Radiohead concert is more than just an event—it's an emotional journey, wrapped in layers of musical mastery that hit right at the core of what it means to truly feel alive amidst melodies that span decades.

How to Get Radiohead Tickets

Getting your hands on Radiohead tickets is easier than you might think. Check the official Radiohead website for tour dates and locations, then choose between buying directly or through approved resellers—just keep an eye out for pre-sale codes and fan club offers to snag your spot at the show.

Tour dates and locations

We're super excited to share with you the tour dates and locations for Radiohead's North American extension. Their world tour is a big deal, kicking off in Chicago and wrapping up in Philadelphia. Fans can catch their breathtaking performances across 16 cities, promising an unforgettable experience.

Here are the details:


  1. The journey begins in Chicago—this city gets the honor of opening the tour. Imagine starting here, where the buzz will be massive.
  2. Next, they're hitting major spots across the U.S., including New York, Los Angeles, and Miami. Each location offers a unique backdrop for Radiohead's mind-blowing music.
  3. Don't miss out on special nights in Toronto and Vancouver. Canada's in for a treat with these performances.
  4. Mid - tour surprises await in unexpected places like Austin and Denver. Expectations are high for what these shows will bring.
  5. As we near the end, Boston and Detroit fans—you're in luck! The energy will surely build as we approach the grand finale.
  6. The closing act takes place in Philadelphia, marking an epic end to this segment of their global journey.


Mark your calendars—tickets go on sale July 29. You'll want to secure your spot fast! Keep an eye on Radiohead’s official website for direct buys or trusted resellers recommended by them.

For those who need more details on all of Radiohead's upcoming concerts and tour dates through 2024-2025, it’s all there waiting for you online—just a few clicks away!

Quick tip: Join fan clubs or sign up for pre-sale access if possible—it can really boost your chances of getting tickets before they sell out.

We can’t wait to experience Radiohead live with you all across these cities!

Where to buy tickets (official website or resellers)

After checking out the tour dates and locations, let's talk about where to snag those Radiohead tickets. You've got a couple of good choices: straight from the official sources or through resellers.

Firstly, hitting up the official Radiohead website is always your best bet. It’s direct, reliable, and you’re sure to get valid tickets for your money. Signing up for their mailing list means you’ll get all the latest info on ticket releases too.

Plus, W.A.S.T.E. HQ is another cool spot for all things Radiohead—tour tickets included.

For fans looking at options outside of official channels, CashorTrade.org offers a unique approach by letting fans buy, sell, and trade tickets at face value—helping you avoid overpriced scalping situations.

Just remember that buying through ticket brokers like TicketLiquidator or TicketNetwork takes you into secondary market territory; it's an option if you missed out on initial sales but still strive for legitimate purchases.


Always aim for official sources like the band’s website or authorized sellers to ensure your tickets are legit.


Tips for securing tickets (pre-sale, fan clubs, etc.)

We all want to snag those Radiohead tickets before they sell out. Here's how you can get ahead and make sure you're in the crowd for their next show.


  1. Join the Radiohead fan club. It's your golden ticket to exclusive pre - sale access. Members often get the first pick of seats, so you're not stuck at the back.
  2. Look out for pre - sale codes. Keep an eye on Radiohead’s official social media pages and email newsletters. They sometimes share special codes that let you buy tickets early.
  3. Sign up for alerts from ticket sites. This way, you’ll know exactly when Radiohead tour dates and tickets drop. You won't miss a beat.
  4. Use multiple devices when tickets go on sale. If one freezes or crashes, you've got another ready to go. Also, it doubles your chances of getting through the queue faster.
  5. Have your payment information ready to go. Time is of the essence during these sales, and every second counts. Save your details on your account for a quicker checkout.
  6. Don’t give up if you see “sold out.” Sometimes more tickets are released closer to the event date or even on the day of the concert.
  7. Network with other fans online, especially in forums or on social media groups dedicated to Radiohead tours and concerts – they might have extra tickets or tips on where to find them last minute.


Following these steps doesn’t just increase our chances; it puts us ahead in the race for those coveted Radiohead seats!


Grabbing Radiohead tickets means more than just a show—it's an experience. With decades of music, these performances leave fans in awe. Don't miss out; check the official website or Ticketmaster for your chance to be part of the magic.

Quick tips—join the fan clubs, sign up on mailing lists, and keep eyes peeled for pre-sale opportunities. Ready to dive into a Radiohead event? It’s time we all get our tickets for a journey through their incredible music legacy.


1. How do I find Radiohead's schedule?

Look online for the official Radiohead website or trusted ticket sellers. They list all upcoming concerts and events, showing dates and locations.

2. Can I buy Radiohead tickets in advance?

Yes, you can often purchase them before the general sale starts. Sign up for fan clubs or email alerts from ticket websites to get early access.

3. Are there VIP packages for Radiohead concerts?

Indeed, some shows may offer VIP packages, which include special perks like early entry or exclusive merchandise. Check the ticketing site for details.

4. What if a Radiohead concert is sold out?

Don't lose hope! Sometimes, additional tickets are released closer to the event date. Also, reputable resale sites might have options but expect higher prices.