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Looking for Queen tickets? Good news! You can still get tickets to see Queen + Adam Lambert on their "Rhapsody Tour" in 2024. Despite what you might hear about sold-out shows and high prices, there's hope.

We've spent years exploring the concert world. We've learned how to find those hard-to-get tickets. And we know how to buy them without spending too much money. If you want to enjoy a live Queen show, follow our lead.

Key Takeaways

  • Queen and Adam Lambert will tour in 2024, starting October 4th in Baltimore and ending November 11th in Los Angeles. Mark your calendars for these dates.
  • Ticket prices start at $74 for big cities, $125 for most places, and go up to $163. Prices can go up depending on how many people want tickets.
  • Buy your tickets from sites like Ticketmaster starting March 31. Look out for presales or the Face Value resale on Ticketmaster to save money.
  • Think about getting floor seats or the BETExperience Diamond Package for a great view and extra treats.
  • The show will feature Queen's biggest hits and some less - known songs. Expect an exciting performance lasting around 150 minutes.


Queen and Adam Lambert Tour 2024

We, Queen and Adam Lambert, are touring in 2024. We'll perform our classic hits worldwide on this Queen Tour.

Upcoming concert dates

Exciting news! Queen and Adam Lambert's 2024 tour dates are out. Make sure to check your calendars for these must-see concerts:


  • The excitement begins on October 4th at the CFG Bank Arena in Baltimore. This place will spark an amazing start.
  • Then, we head to Los Angeles, ending this awesome journey on November 11th at the BMO Stadium.


These shows are part of a big tour. We aim to bring the energy of Queen live in concert to fans in many cities.

No matter if you join us in Baltimore or celebrate the end in Los Angeles, every concert promises unforgettable moments. So, note these important dates down and keep an eye out for ticket details soon.

Moving on—let’s talk about ticket prices and where you can find them...

Ticket prices

Understanding ticket prices for the Queen and Adam Lambert 2024 tour is crucial for fans planning to attend. We've observed that prices vary significantly depending on the market. For your convenience, we've broken down the details into a simple table. This should help you find the best deal and seat options without the hassle.



Market Size Starting Price Remarks
Larger Markets $74 Most affordable options
Many Markets $125 Standard "get in" price
Other Markets $163 Varies with demand



Prices reflect both the popularity of the band and the anticipated high demand for seats. It's worth noting that these figures serve as a starting point. Depending on how early you book, the section you prefer, and market fluctuations, you could find deals or face higher costs. Next, let's explore how to secure your Queen tickets efficiently and at the best possible price.

How to Buy Queen Tickets

We make it simple to buy Queen tickets. Just visit their official website or check with authorized ticket sellers for the Queen tour dates and schedule.

Availability of tickets

You can buy Queen tickets at Ticketmaster starting Friday, March 31. This is for the Rhapsody Tour 2023 with Queen and Adam Lambert. You have a good chance to get front-row seats or any seat you want, because tickets are available now.

Next, we'll share tips on how to find affordable tickets.

Tips for buying affordable tickets

Scoring affordable tickets for the Queen event is a big win. Prices are high, but we've got tips to get good seats without spending a lot.


  • Start with presales – They often have lower prices before general sales begin. Fans can find these through the venue, Queen and Adam Lambert's fan club, or select cell phone providers.
  • Try Ticketmaster's Face Value resale – If someone can't go, they sell their tickets at the original price here. It’s an excellent way to find deals.
  • Get alerts – Keeping up with the Queen schedule helps. Many sites let fans know when ticket prices drop for any Queen event.
  • Compare floor seats – These might be cheaper than you think and offer a great experience at a lower cost.
  • Look at package deals – Sometimes packages save money and include special perks or merchandise.
  • Keep an eye on social media and fan clubs - Deals or promotions usually show up here first.
  • Pick off-peak shows – Shows in less popular cities or mid-week may have cheaper tickets.


For European shows, cheap train travel advice can significantly cut down transportation costs.

Next up: what makes a Queen concert worth every penny: the setlist!

Floor seat options

For the best concert experience, floor seats are top-notch. They put you very close to the action. You can catch every note and see every detail. We think about our fans who love that lively atmosphere.

That's why we offer something special for Queen concerts - the BETExperience Diamond Package.

This package isn't just any ticket. It lets you be part of the show, feeling every beat in your body. With these tickets, fans live the performance.

Floor seats do more than provide great views; they immerse you in energy only live music delivers—especially with Queen on stage and Adam Lambert leading with his dynamic presence.

Ready to rock out? These moments create unforgettable memories.

Now, securing those sought-after tickets is essential before they're gone...

Queen setlist

Expect a 150-minute show from Queen and Adam Lambert, covering all their hits. Their setlist includes both popular tracks and rare finds. Their 2017 performance at 3Arena gives fans an idea of what to hear - it feels like reliving memories with loud music.

For song details, visit setlist.fm. This site lets fans discuss past shows and guess future playlists.

To see them live, here's how to get tickets for their amazing concerts.


We're excited for the Queen + Adam Lambert Rhapsody Tour in 2024. Getting tickets is simple. Just visit Ticketmaster's website or look at Queen's site for tour dates. Buying early often means saving money, and we suggest looking for affordable seats to save some cash.

If you want an amazing experience, think about getting floor seats. The concerts will feature hit songs everyone can sing along to. Let's create unforgettable moments at this legendary show!


1. Where can I buy Queen tickets?

You can buy Queen tickets online, through official ticketing platforms, or at the venue's box office.

2. How much do Queen tickets usually cost?

Queen ticket prices vary based on the concert location, seat location, and availability—expect a range.

3. Can I get a refund if the concert is canceled?

Yes, you're typically entitled to a refund if the concert gets canceled.

4. Do kids need their own ticket for a Queen concert?

Most times, yes—kids need their own ticket unless stated otherwise by the venue or event policies.

5. Are there VIP packages available for Queen concerts?

Indeed! VIP packages are often available, offering premium seats and exclusive perks.