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Securing tickets for a live event can often feel like navigating through a maze, especially with so many choices and pitfalls lurking around every corner. But when the opportunity to see Norah Jones live arises, it's an adventure that promises more than just music—it offers an unforgettable experience.

As her ninth solo studio album, "Visions," captures hearts with its harmony and soul—crafted in collaboration with legendary producers—Jones is preparing to bring her enchanting performance to cities like Port Chester, NY; Washington, DC; and Boston, MA come May 2024.

Drawing on years of concert-going experiences—not just as fans but also as guides through the mesmerizing journey that is a Norah Jones show—we're here to help you secure your spot at these anticipated events.

Whether it's finding the official channels like Ticketmaster.com for peace of mind or uncovering those elusive pre-sale codes and discounts to make your experience even sweeter, consider this your insider’s guide to all things related to Norah Jones tickets.

Prepare yourself for an experience that goes beyond mere attendance; it’s about making memories.

Key Takeaways

  • Norah Jones will perform in cities like Port Chester, NY; Washington, DC; and Boston, MA in May 2024.
  • Tickets for her shows can be bought through the Official Ticketmaster website or looked for on resale platforms like StubHub for secure purchases.
  • Watching out for pre - sale codes and discounts is a smart way to possibly save money on ticket costs.


Upcoming Tour Dates and Cities

Norah Jones is hitting the road soon, bringing her soothing tunes to cities near you. She'll be in Port Chester, Washington, DC, and Boston—mark your calendars!

May 10 - Port Chester, NY

We're hitting Port Chester, NY, for an unforgettable night of music at The Capitol Theatre on May 10. Doors swing open at 6:30 PM, and by 8:00 PM, the show kicks off with Norah Jones and special guest Emily King lighting up the stage.

It's a must-see event for any music lover.

Tickets range from $76 to $166—offering a spot for every budget. Ready to join in? Grab your seat through AXS.com or Ticketmaster. Trust us; it's an evening you don't want to miss.


Catch Norah Jones live in Port Chester – an experience that brings her soulful sounds right to you.


May 13 - Washington, DC

On May 13, we're all heading to Washington, D.C. for a special night. Norah Jones will perform at the Kennedy Center Concert Hall. It's a big deal – tickets sold out fast! This shows how much everyone wants to see her live.

Also, Emily King is joining as a special guest for this part of the Visions Tour 2024. It promises to be an unforgettable evening with amazing music and great vibes.

Getting your hands on tickets might seem tough since it's sold out. But don't worry too much – there are always ways around it. Look for official resale options or check if any pre-sale codes are still up for grabs.

Discounts might pop up, so keep your eyes peeled and you just might score a way in to see the Norah Jones event on this exclusive tour date!

May 15 - Boston, MA

After lighting up Washington, DC, our next stop brings us to the charming city of Boston, MA. Here, Norah Jones will grace the stage at The Met on May 15. Imagine being part of this magical night starting at 7:00pm — it's a moment you won't want to miss.

This concert is a key highlight in her tour for "Visions," her latest album set to mesmerize fans come March 8.

Getting your hands on tickets is easy through the official Ticketmaster website. For those who love deals, keep an eye out for pre-sale codes and discounts that pop up now and then.

Be sure not to miss this special evening where melodies fill the air under Boston’s starry sky.

How to Purchase Norah Jones Tickets

Getting Norah Jones tickets is easy. Check the Official Ticketmaster website, or explore resale options for deals. Look out for pre-sale codes and discounts to save money.

Official Ticketmaster website

We always go to the Official Ticketmaster website to buy Norah Jones tickets. It's easy and safe. You can find tickets for all her shows there, including the ones in New York, Washington DC, and Boston.

The best part? Ticketmaster uses Face Value Exchange for Norah Jones tour dates. This means if you can't go last minute, you can sell your ticket at the original price.


For her 2024-25 tour dates, make sure to check out Ticketmaster UK too.


Ticketmaster doesn't just keep it simple. They also help fans like us avoid overpaying for tickets through resale sites. And with pre-sale codes and discounts sometimes available, we save money while ensuring we don't miss our favorite artist live.

Resale options on StubHub

For fans looking to catch Norah Jones live, resale options are a fantastic way to find tickets. Our favorite spot for snagging those is a trusted platform that guarantees 100% safety on all purchases and sales.

Whether it's a ticket someone can't use anymore, or you're searching for that perfect seat last minute, the market there has got you covered.

Not just any ticket makes its way here; even special ones like the Songbook tickets or tributes to Norah Jones find their new home through this secure exchange. The assurance of knowing every ticket bought and sold is backed up by a solid promise makes the whole process worry-free.

Next up, let's look into some tips on how to score these treasures without breaking the bank!

Pre-sale codes and discounts

We know everyone is searching for ways to get Norah Jones tickets before they sell out. Good news – fans can grab exclusive pre-sale passwords and codes in 2024, giving them a chance to purchase ahead of the general crowd.

The best place to look? The Norah Jones store strictly says no to bots or automated systems when snagging these hot discounts and promos. So, it's all fair game!

Listening on Spotify might also land some lucky listeners a special pre-sale password, though spots are limited. For those serious about catching the live experience, keep an eye on sources like Live Nation for official presale access.

Remember, grabbing these codes means you're one step closer to securing your spot at a Norah Jones concert without waiting for the last-minute rush.


We're all set to catch Norah Jones live! Her tour dates are out, and we have the inside scoop on snagging those tickets. Whether you're planning to see her in Port Chester, NY, Washington, DC, or Boston, MA – there's a seat with your name on it.

Remember, official Ticketmaster website is your go-to for purchases. And hey - keep an eye out for those pre-sale codes and discounts. It's a chance you don't want to miss. Getting to witness a 9-time GRAMMY winner like Norah Jones in concert? Priceless.

Don't wait too long; make sure you're part of this unforgettable musical journey!


1. Where can I find Norah Jones' schedule?

Look online for the official Norah Jones website or ticket platforms. They list all dates, cities, and venues.

2. How early should I buy tickets?

As soon as they go on sale. Norah Jones tickets sell fast due to her popularity.

3. Are there VIP options available?

Yes, some events offer VIP packages for an enhanced experience—check the ticket site for details.

4. Can I get a refund if the concert is canceled?

Typically, yes—if the event is canceled, most platforms will offer refunds or reschedule options.