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Securing Neil Young tickets often feels like a maze—confusing and frustrating. Yet, an essential fact changes everything: Neil Young's Love Earth Tour tickets are now readily available for purchase.

This isn't just about watching a legendary musician live; it’s about embracing the opportunity to own a piece of history as every ticket bought online comes with a physical copy of his upcoming album "Fu##in' Up.".

With years of music journalism under our belt, we've witnessed countless concerts and tours. Our journey has equipped us with unique insights on what makes some events unforgettable, and we're eager to share these with you.

Whether it's your first concert or you’re a veteran in the arena looking for insider tips, you're in good hands—we have insights that will make getting your Neil Young tickets both successful and memorable.

Key Takeaways

  • Neil Young's Love Earth Tour starts in 2024 with tickets now available. Every online ticket purchase includes a physical copy of his new album.
  • Concert dates range from May to August 2024, featuring stops like Awesome Alpharetta and Budweiser Stage in Toronto. Special shows include the Dark Matter Tour with Pearl Jam and Santana in Chicago.
  • Ticket prices start at $45. Fans can buy them through the official website or authorized sellers for safe transactions.
  • Tips for buying cheap tickets suggest waiting close to event dates, comparing prices across platforms, and looking out for discount codes or promotions.
  • Purchasing early and being flexible with dates or locations can help find better deals on Neil Young concert tickets.


The Upcoming Neil Young Tour

The Neil Young tour is coming soon, promising fans unforgettable shows. Get ready for an exciting journey through his greatest hits, live on stage.

Concert schedule and dates

We're here to share all the essential details about Neil Young's Love Earth Tour kicking off in 2024. Excitement's in the air, and we've got the lowdown on concert schedules, ensuring you won't miss a beat.


Date Location Special Notes
May 7, 2024 Awesome Alpharetta Tour Kickoff
May 20, 2024 Budweiser Stage, Toronto, ON, CA  
July 11, 2024 TBA Next Scheduled Date
July 28, 2024 TBA Tickets on Sale
August 29, 2024 Chicago Dark Matter Tour with Pearl Jam, Neil Young, and Santana
August 31, 2024 Chicago Dark Matter Tour with Pearl Jam, Neil Young, and Santana


Catch Neil Young live, across 23 electrifying concerts, including a special appearance in Chicago for the Dark Matter Tour alongside Pearl Jam and Santana. With the tour spanning from the vibrant streets of Alpharetta to the iconic Budweiser Stage in Toronto, memories await at every turn. Mark your calendars, and let's experience the magic of Neil Young's Love Earth Tour together.

Ticket prices and availability

We've got the latest on Neil Young tickets! Prices start at $45, and they're flying off the virtual shelves. For those eager to catch this iconic musician live, here's a breakdown of ticket prices and availability. Remember, these can change, so act fast!


Date Location Starting Price Availability
2024-05-01 New York, NY $45 Limited
2024-05-03 Chicago, IL $50 Good
2024-05-05 Los Angeles, CA $60 Selling Fast
2024-05-07 Nashville, TN $55 Available
2024-05-09 Austin, TX $45 Available


To snag the perfect ticket, dive into AXS Premium and select based on your preferences. Check out Neil Young's official website for the full 2024-25 tour dates, support acts, reviews, and more venue info. Get your tickets today—don’t miss out on this unforgettable experience!

How to purchase tickets

Getting tickets for the Neil Young tour is easy and exciting. Here's how to secure your spot without hassle:


  1. Start at the official website or authorized ticket sellers. Make sure you're buying from a safe place.
  2. Check the Neil Young schedule to find when he's playing near you. You'll see all the cities and dates.
  3. Know your budget. Tickets start at $45, but prices vary based on how close you want to be to the stage.
  4. Look out for pre - sale codes if available. These can give you early access to buy tickets before everyone else.
  5. Don't forget, every online ticket purchase comes with a physical copy of Neil Young's new album, "Fu##in' Up," releasing on April 26, 2024.
  6. If you're aiming for a deal, timing is key. Prices might drop as the event date gets closer.
  7. , Compare options without rushing. You might find better seats or deals if you take your time.
  8. , For sold - out shows, check guaranteed secondary markets that offer buyer protection.


Each step ensures you get the best experience seeing Neil Young live and make the most of your purchase by receiving his upcoming album too!

Tips for Buying Cheap Neil Young Tickets

Finding cheap Neil Young tickets can feel like hitting a jackpot. We'll show you the smart way to score those deals—keeping more cash in your pocket, all while getting ready for an unforgettable show.

Best time to buy

Waiting until closer to the show day or week can often lower standard ticket prices for Neil Young's Love Earth Tour with Crazy Horse. We've seen this trend where sellers drop their prices to ensure tickets sell out.

This timing works best if you're flexible and okay with a bit of uncertainty.

Comparing ticket prices across different platforms is key. Sometimes, deals pop up unexpectedly. Also, keep an eye out for discount codes or promotions that could slash the price further.

For those eyeing resale tickets, remember these might be pricier than face value. Yet, they become options when shows are sold out or only have limited views left.

Now, onto how to actually purchase your Neil Young event tickets...

Comparison shopping

Finding the best deal on Neil Young tour dates can feel like a treasure hunt. We all want to snag those sweet spots at the show without thinning our wallets too much, right? Comparison shopping steps in as our trusty guide through this journey. Here's how we tackle it together:


  1. Start Early: Just like catching the early bird, starting your search as soon as tickets go on sale can lead to finding better prices. Sellers might offer early discounts to kickstart sales.
  2. Use Multiple Websites: Don't stick to just one ticket site. Look around at several platforms to see various price options. This way, you get a full view of what's out there.
  3. Check for Promotions: Sometimes, fan clubs or credit card companies offer special deals for concerts like Neil Young's show. Keeping an eye out for these can lower costs.
  4. Factor in Fees: Prices can look great at first glance, but always check for hidden fees before clicking 'buy'. What seems cheap can end up costing more after adding service charges.
  5. Set Alerts: Many websites allow you to set price alerts for specific events. When tickets drop to your desired price range, you'll know immediately.
  6. Be Flexible: If possible, consider attending shows on less popular dates or in smaller cities. Tickets might be cheaper away from peak times and places.


Seeking cheap Neil Young tickets requires patience and a bit of strategy... Next up, let’s dive into how using discount codes or promotions can further save us money on tickets.

Utilizing discount codes or promotions

After weighing all your options on ticket prices, we now dive into the best part—finding ways to save even more. Saving money on Neil Young show tickets can be easy when you know how to use discount codes or promotions.

The Neil Young tour 2024 is packed with various offers that you should not miss out on. Often, these promo codes can slash a significant percentage off the original price.

Remember, though—while using these codes seems straightforward, some have specific restrictions and might not work with other discounts. It's crucial to read the fine print and understand the terms before applying them.

That way, we ensure we're grabbing the best deal without any surprises down the line.


Every dollar saved is a step closer to experiencing the magic of a live Neil Young performance without breaking the bank.



We're all set to see Neil Young live, aren't we? With tickets now up for grabs and a new album on the horizon, it's an exciting time. Finding deals and using discounts can make this experience even sweeter.

Remember, buying early often means saving big. Let's not miss out on celebrating a music legend together—see you at the concert!


1. Where can I buy Neil Young tickets?

You can buy Neil Young tickets online, from official ticket sellers.

2. How much do Neil Young tickets cost?

The price varies, depending on the venue and seating choice, but check online for current prices.

3. Can I get a refund if the concert is canceled?

Yes, you usually get a refund if the concert is officially canceled.

4. Are there VIP packages available for Neil Young concerts?

Yes, some concerts offer VIP packages for an upgraded experience.

5. Do Neil Young tickets sell out quickly?

Often, yes — it's best to buy them as soon as they go on sale to avoid missing out.