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Finding the perfect Maxwell tickets can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack with all the options out there. But don't worry, armed with the right info, snagging your spot at one of his electrifying concerts is easier than you'd think.

As Maxwell gears up for his much-anticipated 2024 and 2025 concert tour, excitement is through the roof. We're here to ensure you get the best experience possible by guiding you through every step of the process, from finding tickets to scoring the best deals.

Our team's background is deeply rooted in music industry know-how. We've navigated countless tours, ticket sales platforms, and fan experiences over years. This experience arms us with insider knowledge on where to find genuine tickets without breaking the bank or getting duped by scams—especially handy since ticket prices for Maxwell's upcoming shows start at $46.75.

So are you ready for an unforgettable show? Let us show you how it's done.

Key Takeaways

  • Maxwell is going on tour in 2024 and 2025, stopping in cities like New Orleans, Los Angeles, and New York. Fans can watch him live at various venues across the country.
  • Ticket prices for Maxwell concerts start at $46.75. For those wanting more, VIP packages offer benefits like early entry, meet & greets with Maxwell, and exclusive merchandise.


Upcoming Concerts and Tour Dates for Maxwell

Maxwell is hitting the road again, and fans can't wait. Check out his tour dates and locations to catch him live.


We're hitting the road, and we've got some amazing cities lined up for Maxwell's upcoming concerts and tour dates in 2024-2025. Fans from coast to coast will have the chance to see him live.

We'll be making stops in New Orleans, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., New York, and Philadelphia. Plus, we can't forget about our next big show at Paycor Stadium.

On October 18, 2024, get ready because we're bringing an unforgettable night of music to the Toyota Center in Houston, TX. This city is just one highlight on our journey across America where fans will experience the magic of Maxwell's performances.

With these locations set, let’s talk ticket prices and VIP package options that could make your concert experience even more special...

Ticket prices

Now transitioning from the exciting locations of Maxwell's upcoming concerts, we shift our focus to a crucial aspect for fans—ticket prices. Understanding the cost helps in planning and ensures a smooth experience. Here’s a straightforward look at what to expect in terms of pricing.


Price Range Details
$25.86 - $27 Starting prices for Maxwell concert tickets, offering an affordable entry for fans.
Varies Prices ascend based on venue, location, and package selections, including VIP options and meet & greets.
Specifics Unavailable For detailed pricing, including VIP packages, attendees are encouraged to check official ticket outlets.


As you see, tickets start at a pleasantly low price, giving a wide range of fans the chance to experience Maxwell's music live. However, for those looking for an enhanced experience with VIP packages and meet & greets, prices will vary. This diversity ensures options for every budget, making it all the more imperative to secure tickets early and from reputable sources. Keep these details in mind, and you’re well on your way to enjoying an unforgettable concert experience.

VIP packages and meet & greet options

We all want to make the most of our concert experiences, especially when it comes to seeing Maxwell live. His upcoming Soul Serenade Tour offers some exciting options for fans looking to enhance their experience. Here are the special perks you can expect with VIP packages and meet & greet options:


  1. Exclusive merchandise only available to VIP package holders. Imagine wearing something that shows you were part of an elite group at the show.
  2. Early entry into the venue, which means you get to avoid the long lines and secure a great spot before anyone else.
  3. A pre - show meet & greet with Maxwell himself. It's a rare chance to meet the artist up close and personal.
  4. Premium reserved tickets located in the first 5 rows—ensuring you have one of the best views in the house.
  5. Complimentary starter food or beverage packages may come with booking online, adding a little extra to your concert night.
  6. Hospitality packages that offer an even more comfortable and luxurious concert experience.
  7. The chance to see not just Maxwell but also other amazing artists like October London and Jazmine Sullivan as part of the tour’s lineup.


These VIP tour packages are designed to give fans an unforgettable Maxwell event experience filled with exclusive benefits.

Next, let's dive into some tips for buying Maxwell tickets...

Tips for Buying Maxwell Tickets

Finding the best deals for Maxwell tickets means knowing where to look and what prices feel right. Make sure tickets are real by buying from trusted sources, and stay alert for low-priced offers that seem too good to be true—they often are.

Where to buy tickets

For Maxwell tickets, we have some go-to spots. You can find them on AXS.com for a start. This site makes it easy to spot what you’re looking for, whether it’s tour dates or ticket prices.

We always aim to make sure you get genuine tickets without a hassle. Buying from reputable sites like AXS and SeatGeek means less worry about authenticity and more excitement for the show.


Snatching up Maxwell tickets? Make AXS.com or SeatGeek your first stop - ease, convenience, and authenticity all wrapped up in one.


Average prices

We know that Maxwell tickets can vary a lot in price. Sometimes, you might find them as cheap as $33. Other times, the average price is around $186. It really depends on where and when you're looking to catch the show.

At some of the bigger spots, like Constitution Hall, top seats can hit nearly $200—$196.50 to be exact—with starting prices at about $175. That's not pocket change! And if you plan on going all out for an unforgettable experience, remember someone once paid a total of $1,379.60 for their tickets through Michigan First Credit Union, fees included.

Now that we've covered how much you might spend on tickets... Let's move onto ensuring those tickets are real.

How to ensure authenticity

First, look closely at your tickets. A visual check is key. Fake tickets often miss details or have wrong info. Next, call the box office. They can confirm if your ticket is real. Also, match the section and seat numbers with the venue's layout—this step catches fakes for sold-out Maxwell shows.

Watch out for deals too good to be true—they likely are, especially for high-demand Maxwell concerts. Use apps to check Ticketmaster tickets' barcodes before buying; it’s a quick way to spot fakes.

Let's not forget these steps while searching for those perfect seats to see Maxwell live on tour.


We're excited for Maxwell's upcoming Serenade Tour. With concerts lined up in big cities like Las Vegas and Atlanta, there's a show near you. Tickets start at $46.75, a steal for such an iconic artist! Remember, the best spot to grab your tickets is through the official Ticketmaster website to avoid fakes.

And with prices averaging around $186, planning ahead can save you a bit. Maxwell's music has touched many hearts over the years – think "Ascension (Don't Ever Wonder)" and albums like "Embrya" and "Now." Don’t miss out on this incredible experience; it’s not just a concert, it’s an event that will stay with you long after the lights turn back on.


1. Where can I find Maxwell tickets?

You can buy Maxwell tickets online... Look for official ticket sellers and event websites to grab your spot at a Maxwell concert.

2. When are the next Maxwell tour dates?

Maxwell's schedule gets updated often. Check his official website or social media for the latest tour dates, so you don't miss out.

3. How much do tickets to a Maxwell tour cost?

Prices vary based on location, seat choice, and how soon you buy them after they're released... Early birds often get better deals!

4. Can I see the full Maxwell schedule before buying tickets?

Yes! The complete list of shows is available online. Take a peek at where he'll perform next to plan your experience ahead of time.