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Hunting down the perfect Maná tickets can feel like a quest for hidden treasure, elusive yet thrilling. The anticipation of locking in your spot at their concert is unparalleled, especially for an iconic band like Maná.

With ticket prices soaring to an astonishing $12,960.00 for the most exclusive experiences, it's evident that attending these concerts goes beyond just seeing a live performance—it's about seizing once-in-a-lifetime moments.

Through our adventures in the world of music, we’ve gained some pretty unique insights into how fans can successfully navigate the maze of ticket purchasing. We’ve delved into various platforms and strategies over the years, uncovering little secrets that could make all the difference in securing those sought-after Maná tickets.

Trust me—this journey is worth every note... Stick around; what you’re searching for might be just around the corner.

Key Takeaways

  • Maná tickets can cost up to $12,960 for exclusive experiences. You can find them online on sites like Ticketmaster.
  • Tour dates for 2024 are available, with concerts planned in places like Napa, CA; Rosemont, IL; and Las Vegas, NV. Prices range from $231.28 to $9600.
  • Presale codes help get tickets early but they sell out quickly. Follow Maná's official channels for updates.
  • For a unique experience, you can book Maná for private events through a booking agent.
  • Explore upcoming events like BottleRock Napa Valley and Festival La Onda in 2024. Tickets go on sale November 18, 2023.


How to Secure Mana Tickets

To grab Mana tickets, start by checking online ticket platforms. Look early, and keep an eye on tour dates to catch them when they go live.

Guide to Buying Mana Tickets

Getting your hands on Mana tickets is easier than you think. Here's a quick guide to make sure you don't miss out on their next show.


  1. Check Ticketmaster Austria for the latest on Mana tour dates. They're your go - to for securing tickets directly.
  2. Keep an eye out for presale codes but remember, these tickets are limited and sell out fast due to high demand.
  3. For those planning ahead, 2024 tour tickets are available. You'll find all you need to know about ticket prices, dates, and seating charts.
  4. Interested in something more exclusive? Booking Mana for a private event or concert is possible through a booking agent—contact them for fees and details.
  5. Alternative options might be worth exploring if standard ticket routes don't work out. Searches related to selling MTGO tickets indicate other ways to get into the concert.
  6. Stay updated on presale codes and tour information by following Mana's official channels. This way, you won't miss any announcements.


Now that you know how to secure your spot at a Mana event, let's look at what's coming up on their tour schedule.

Review of Ticket Prices and Tour Details

Certainly, we've gathered all the essential details regarding Maná ticket prices and tour specifics right here. This concise overview ensures you have instant access to the most crucial information. Ticket prices for Maná concerts show a wide range, ensuring options for various budgets. We've also highlighted key tour dates and locations to plan your experience seamlessly.


Ticket Price Range Location Date
$231.28 to $9600.00 Napa, CA 2024
$231.28 to $9600.00 Rosemont, IL 2024
$231.28 to $9600.00 Las Vegas, NV 2024
Tickets available from official sites like Ticketmaster.
100% guaranteed tickets, with resale options available.
Option to securely share tickets with friends.
Reviews from past concerts at venues like the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ available for reference.


We encourage fans to explore these details and choose the best option for their experience. With tickets ranging widely in price, and locations scattered across the USA, there's bound to be an event that aligns with your schedule and budget. Plus, the guarantee and resale options offer peace of mind. Reviews from past concerts can guide expectations and ensure an unforgettable experience with Maná.

Checking Ticket Availability and Tour Dates

We always keep our eyes peeled for the best way to catch a Mana show. It's all about knowing where and when to look. Here's how we do it:


  1. Visit the official Ticketmaster website first. They list all the tour dates and locations for 2024, including big events like BottleRock Napa Valley and Granca Live Fest.
  2. Look for advance ticket notices on Ticketmaster. Sometimes, tickets for festivals get cheaper if you buy them early enough.
  3. Check different dates and venues if your first choice is sold out. Mana has several shows lined up, so there are plenty of chances to see them live.
  4. Keep an eye on the official Mana website and social media pages, too. They sometimes have exclusive offers or last-minute tickets.


These steps help us find available seats for any Mana Schedule without missing out on great deals or special performances. Join us in securing your spot at a Mana concert – it's easier than you might think!

Explore Upcoming Mana Events

Looking ahead, Mana is hitting the road with some exciting shows. Catch them live by checking out their latest tour dates and locations.

Discover Upcoming Tour Dates and Locations

We're excited to share where you can catch Mana live in the coming year. Their music lights up the stage and brings fans together for unforgettable nights.

First on the list, Mana will perform at BottleRock Napa Valley. This event is set for May 25, 2024. It's a fantastic festival in Napa County, California. Fans of wine and good vibes will find themselves right at home here.

Next up, they will hit Festival La Onda on June 2, 2024, also located in Napa County, CA. This festival promises a blend of great tunes and culture, making it a must-visit for fans.

For those looking to plan ahead, tickets for both shows go on sale November 18, 2023. You can find them on livenation.com along with more tour details. This site is your go-to for concert tickets, so make sure to mark your calendars.

Fher Olvera and Alex González have hinted at an exciting lineup over their 19-date American tour. These shows are part of it, offering a chance to see Mana live and experience their incredible performance firsthand.

Remember to check out other related artists and events too. There’s plenty to explore around these dates that could enhance your experience.

So there you have it - key dates when Mana will be performing live near you. Make sure not to miss out on what are sure to be some electrifying performances!

Connect with Related Artists and Events

After finding out when and where Mana will be performing, it's a good idea to see what else is happening. Many events around the same time as Mana concerts might catch your interest.

For example, Mana Wynwood in Miami is not just about music; it hosts art shows and festivals too. You might find yourself enjoying an art exhibition before heading to a Mana concert.

Mana's shows are part of bigger communities, like Decentraland’s vibrant scene. This place isn’t just for virtual gatherings; it offers parties, art exhibitions, and fashion shows almost every day.

So if you're planning to attend a Mana concert, why not check out these related events as well? It could turn your concert trip into a full-blown adventure with new experiences each day.


Getting your hands on Mana tickets feels thrilling, right? With options across Ticketmaster.com and the Bert Ogden Arena Box Office, among other places, there's a way for everyone.

Imagine standing in the crowd as hits like "Labios Compartidos" echo around you—priceless. And with prices starting around $70, it’s an experience accessible to many. Remember to check out those tour dates soon; cities like Chicago and Las Vegas await.

What are you waiting for? Let’s make those concert dreams come true!


1. Where can I find Mana's schedule?

Check their official website or ticket platforms. They list all dates and locations.

2. How do I buy Mana tickets?

Online is easiest—visit ticket sites or the band’s page. Choose your show, pick seats, and pay.

3. Are there VIP options for Mana concerts?

Yes, many shows offer VIP packages—get closer to the action, maybe even meet the band!

4. Can I get a refund if a concert is canceled?

Typically, yes—if it's canceled, not rescheduled, you should get your money back from where you bought them.