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Snagging tickets to see Luke Bryan live is about more than just a night out at a concert; it's an experience that connects fans directly with the soul of country music. For Fan Club members, there are special perks like presales and exclusive ticket blocks that make the event even more accessible.

Seeing Luke Bryan on stage is a chance to be part of something unforgettable, as every show includes a mix of his chart-toppers and fresh tracks - creating lasting memories for both die-hard enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

Thanks to our extensive background in navigating concert-goings, from locking down VIP packages to pinpointing the optimal ticket purchase times, we've got you covered. We're here not just as your guide but as fellow fans excitedly anticipating what’s next in your journey to catch Luke Bryan live.

Let's embrace the anticipation together!

Key Takeaways

  • Luke Bryan's "Mind of A Country Boy Tour" starts in 2024. Fan club members get early ticket access on February 6 at 8 am. The tour will visit places like Gilford, NH, and Omaha, NE. VIP presales also begin on February 6.
  • The Barefoot Country Music Festival featuring Luke Bryan is from June 20 - 23, 2024, in Wildwood, NJ. Tickets are already available for this beachside music event with big stars and new artists.
  • Luke Bryan's Farm Tour in September 2024 includes concerts on farms in towns like Brooklyn, Wis., with special guests Conner Smith and Tucker Wetmore. This unique experience turns local farms into concert venues.
  • Official tickets for Luke Bryan concerts can be bought through Ticketmaster which offers a straightforward process for securing tickets and finding venue details or VIP packages. Prices range but starting as low as $25 up to $1344 for exclusive experiences.
  • Experience and VIP packages offer perks like premium seating and meet-and-greets with Luke Bryan himself. No presale codes are needed unless ordering these special deals directly through official channels.


Upcoming Tour Dates and Locations

Luke Bryan is hitting the road again, and fans are buzzing with excitement. From the Mind of a Country Boy Tour to festivals and his special Farm Tour 2024, there's something for everyone.

Mind of A Country Boy Tour

We're excited about Luke Bryan's "Mind of A Country Boy Tour." It's set to thrill fans in 2024. Live Nation is producing it, and tickets went on sale early for fan club members on February 6 at 8 am local time.

The tour will hit many spots, like Gilford, NH; Omaha, NE; Ridgedale, MO; Ohio; and Chula Vista. For those near Cleveland or Cincinnati wanting a Luke Bryan show, mark your calendars for July 12 and the next night at Riverbend Music Center.

VIP presales also started on February 6. Fans looking forward to these concerts can check dates and buy tickets either on Luke Bryan’s official site or through Ticketmaster. Whether you want the full VIP experience or just a ticket to the show, options are available for every fan out there.

San Diego County gets its own stop this fall. We know fans everywhere are counting down days until they can sing along with Luke Bryan live in concert during his "Mind of A Country Boy Tour".

Barefoot Country Music Festival

The Barefoot Country Music Fest is hitting Wildwood, NJ, from June 20-23, 2024. Think of it as a big beach party with Luke Bryan, Keith Urban, Kane Brown, and Old Dominion lighting up the stage.

This festival isn't just about the big names; new artists will join the lineup too. Fans can catch all these performances between Morey's Piers on the beach—a spot that's as scenic as it sounds.

Tickets for this much-awaited event are already up for grabs. It promises four days packed with music from some of country's biggest stars and fresh faces alike. The excitement doesn't stop at just great music—expect an atmosphere filled with fans who love country tunes as much as you do.


Get ready to kick off your shoes and enjoy country music by the ocean.


Time to check out where you can get your hands on Luke Bryan tickets next!

Farm Tour 2024

After talking about the Barefoot Country Music Festival, let's shift gears to Luke Bryan's Farm Tour 2024. This year, it's going to be bigger and better, with concerts planned for September 21 and from September 26-28.

We're bringing this experience straight to small towns like Brooklyn, Wis., turning local farms into concert stages. Imagine listening to live country music among the fields!

Luke Bryan has chosen beautiful farm locations for these concerts: Cox Brothers Farm in Marshville, NC; Mulberry Orchard in Shelbyville, KY; Miller Family Farm; and Cunningham Family Farm in Pennsylvania on September 28, 2024.

Special guests Conner Smith and Tucker Wetmore will join him. Tickets are up for grabs now! This tour is not just a series of concerts—it’s a chance for thousands to come together in places they call home or never thought they’d visit.

Mark your calendars and get ready for an unforgettable country music adventure with us at the Farm Tour 2024!

Where to Buy Official Luke Bryan Tickets

For fans eager to catch Luke Bryan live, heading over to Ticketmaster is your best bet for snagging those official tickets. Here, you'll also find exclusive Experience and VIP packages that promise an unforgettable concert vibe.


We know fans are eager to grab Luke Bryan tickets for an unforgettable experience. The best place to find them? Officially, it's Ticketmaster. Here, everything is straightforward—fans can jump straight into the action by logging into their accounts and hitting "PRESALES" for early access.

It's easy to stay ahead and ensure you're getting official tickets without any hassle.

Looking for specifics like venue details or want a VIP package? Ticketmaster has got you covered there too. From parking information at Pine Knob Music Theatre to dining options, everything is a click away.

Prices vary, but with real-time updates on ticket availability and different membership types seeing their sales go live at just the right time, planning your concert experience is seamless.

We make sure everyone knows how it works—log in, look around for what suits you best, and secure those Luke Bryan tour dates on your calendar through Ticketmaster. It's all about making sure the fans have a smooth journey from browsing to attending the concert.

Experience and VIP packages

After finding your perfect tickets on Ticketmaster, you might wonder about getting closer to the action. That's where Luke Bryan's Experience and VIP packages come into play. These special options give fans a chance to enjoy concerts in a whole new way, with perks like premium reserved seating and chances to meet Luke himself.

Prices for these VIP experiences vary but expect them between $674 and $1344. Yes, it sounds like a lot, but imagine being at the "Mind Of A Country Boy Tour" with not just a ticket but an exclusive pass to some unforgettable moments.

Each package is crafted to offer something unique—whether that’s getting your hands on limited edition merch or securing seats that bring you closer than ever to the music.

For those eyeing platinum seats or worried about ticket limits, VIP packages are also available for purchase directly through official channels. And don't stress over presale codes; they're not needed unless you're preordering one of these VIP deals.


Experience more than just the concert with Luke Bryan's VIP Packages.


Ticket prices and availability

Moving from the exclusive experience and VIP packages Luke Bryan offers, let's talk numbers — ticket prices and availability. We understand how much you look forward to these concerts, and getting your hands on tickets is crucial. Here’s a straightforward breakdown to help you plan your purchase.


Date Location Minimum Price Average Price Availability
2024 Various $25 $222 High
2025 Various $39 $222 High


We've made sure to list the essentials. The cheapest ticket starts at $25, offering an affordable option for everyone. With an average price hovering around $222, we advise early purchases to secure the best deals. As for availability, rest assured, there’s a high likelihood of snagging tickets for your desired dates in 2024 and 2025. Remember, Luke Bryan tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable — a commitment to your plans is necessary.


We've got all the details for catching Luke Bryan live—tour dates, where to snag those tickets, and even how to get VIP treatment. Remember, Fan Club members get first dibs with presales.

Everyone else marks February 1st on their calendar, ready at 10 AM local time. Whether it's feeling the energy at Wrigley Field or getting that farm tour vibe, securing your spot is just a few clicks away through Ticketmaster.

Don't miss out—nothing beats the thrill of a live concert, especially when it's Luke Bryan lighting up the stage.


1. Where can I find Luke Bryan's tour schedule?

Check his official website for the latest on the Luke Bryan tour schedule. You'll find dates, cities, and venues.

2. How do I buy tickets for a Luke Bryan event?

Tickets are available online—look up ticket sellers or go directly to the venue's website linked from the Luke Bryan schedule page.

3. Are there VIP packages for Luke Bryan concerts?

Yes, some events offer VIP packages. These give you special perks like early entry or exclusive merchandise. Details are usually listed with ticket options.

4. Can I get refunds if a concert is canceled?

If a Luke Bryan concert gets canceled, you should get a refund. Check with your ticket seller for their specific policy on refunds.