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Navigating the world of Glass Animals tickets can feel like wandering through a dense forest, with countless paths to choose from but not all leading to that perfect spot under the stage lights.

Thankfully, our years of concert-going and ticket-finding adventures have turned us into something akin to expert guides in this wild terrain. With an eye for genuine deals from official sources and a knack for uncovering presale codes and venue secrets, we’re here to help you plot your course to an unforgettable night.

Our journey together spans the complexities of countless concerts’ ticket sales, making us well-versed in ensuring fans get their hands on those coveted passes. With insider knowledge on everything from tour dates to snagging the best seats before they sell out—especially for Glass Animals' eagerly awaited 2024 North American tour—we're ready to lead you straight to an epic show experience.

Let’s embark on this adventure together, shall we?

Key Takeaways

  • You can buy Glass Animals tickets through their official website to avoid scams and ensure they're real.
  • VIP packages offer extra perks like early entry, better seats, and unique merchandise for a special concert experience.
  • Arrive early at the concert to find good parking, enjoy food options, and secure a great view spot.
  • Check the venue's COVID rules beforehand to stay safe and make sure you can enter without problems.


How to Get Glass Animals Tickets

Getting Glass Animals tickets is easy and exciting. Start by searching online and always buy from the official ticket seller to avoid any trouble.

Search for tickets online

Finding Glass Animals tickets online is easy. First, we look for tour dates and venues on their official website. This way, we get accurate details about the Glass Animals Tour of Earth.

We can find links to buy tickets directly from there. It's a straight path to securing our spot at an upcoming show.

We always use the official ticket seller linked from the band’s website. This ensures our tickets are valid and we avoid scams. Plus, if we have questions about buying tickets or need accessible options, their site has FAQs that help us out a lot.


For an extra special experience, consider VIP packages.


VIP packages offer more than just entry—they give us perks like better seats or exclusive merchandise. We think about this option when we want something more memorable from the Glass Animals event.

And for future planning? We keep an eye out for presale codes and announcements about their 2024 tour and new album release date on the band's website.

Buy from official ticket seller

We always go for tickets straight from the official seller. This way, we're sure our purchase is secure and backed by a 100% buyer guarantee. Plus, it's easy to get Glass Animals mobile entry tickets delivered right through Ticketmaster.

We never worry about our tickets being fake or not arriving in time for the show.

Choosing the official path also means we avoid any trouble with non-transferable tickets and merchandise. With Glass Animals tour dates always getting updates, having that peace of mind is priceless.

It ensures we can focus on enjoying the music instead of fretting over ticket issues.

Opting for an official ticket seller keeps everything straightforward. From buyer protection to the ease of mobile delivery via Ticketmaster, it’s clear why this option works best for us.

Consider VIP packages for added perks

We know you're looking for more than just a ticket to the Glass Animals show. That's why we suggest considering VIP packages. They come with cool benefits like early entry into the venue, premium reserved seats, and even exclusive collectible merchandise—think of owning a unique Glass Animals 3D viewfinder.

It's not everyday stuff.

For those aiming high, these packages do more than secure a spot; they immerse you in the full experience of the Tour of Earth concerts. And yes, getting your hands on VIP tickets for UK tour dates means access to top-notch spots like The O2 Arena’s VIP blocks.

Just so you know, all these fantastic elements—from fan club memberships to ticket insurance—are specially meant for you and can't be transferred. Neither can that special merchandise waiting just for its original owner—the ticket holder—that's part of the deal too.

Tips for Attending a Glass Animals Concert

Heading to a Glass Animals concert? Great choice! We have some quick tips to make your experience even better. Plan ahead and arrive early—we can't stress this enough. This way, you'll dodge the rush and snag a good viewing spot.

Plus, knowing the COVID rules ahead of time will keep everyone safe and sound. Get ready for a night you won't forget!

Plan ahead for parking and food options

We always look for the best parking options before heading to a Glass Animals concert. It's smart to pre-purchase parking at nearby garages. This way, we're not driving around looking for a spot when we should be enjoying the concert vibes.

We check the event listing for garage open times too, making sure we can park our car early enough.

Finding good food is just as important as securing parking. We scout out food spots near Moody Theater and Moody Center in Austin beforehand. This prep lets us grab a bite without hassle and ensures we have plenty of time to get into the venue.


A little planning goes a long way towards an unforgettable concert experience.


Arrive early to get a good spot

Getting to the concert early is key. It lets us grab a great spot to see Glass Animals live. The doors open at different times, depending on where it's happening. So, checking ahead is smart.

Once inside, we look for signs that show the best entrance based on our ticket location. This small step helps us move quickly and find an awesome place to enjoy the concert from start to finish.

Being early also means less rush and more time to settle in. We can check out food options, find our seats easily, and soak up the atmosphere before the show kicks off.

Check for any necessary COVID safety measures

We always make sure to check the venue's rules on COVID before heading out. Each place might have different guidelines, like mask wearing or showing a vaccine card. Keeping up with these details helps us all stay safe and enjoy the show without worry.

Before we go, we look for any updates online about health and safety at the concert. It's a quick way to know if there are changes to what we need to bring or do. This step is key for making sure nothing stops us from having a great time at the Glass Animals concert.

Be prepared for an unforgettable show

We're excited for the Glass Animals concert. Dave Bayley leads with amazing energy, and the visuals are stunning. Fans are already looking for tickets to their tour in 2024, eager to hear new songs from their upcoming album.

It's more than a concert; it's an experience you won't forget.

This show will have everything – great music, impressive stage design, and a vibe that pulls everyone together. Seeing Glass Animals live is about being part of something special.

We can't wait to share this moment with other fans who love the band as much as we do.


Ready for a Glass Animals concert? We sure are. Grabbing tickets is easy—look online and stick to the official sellers. Think about VIP packages for something extra special. At the show, plan your trip, arrive on time, and follow any COVID rules.

Get set for an amazing night! With concerts across North America in 2024, it's a chance we can't miss. See you there!


1. Where can I find the Glass Animals schedule?

Check their official website or ticket selling platforms for the Glass Animals schedule. You'll see dates and locations for all upcoming shows.

2. How do I buy Glass Animals tickets?

Go online, visit ticket sellers or the band's site directly. Choose your show from the Glass Animals schedule, pick your seats, and pay.

3. Are there VIP options for Glass Animals concerts?

Yes, some shows offer VIP tickets with special benefits like early entry or meet-and-greets. Look at each event's details for what's available.

4. What if a Glass Animals show is canceled?

If a show gets canceled, you're usually entitled to a refund from where you bought your ticket. Check their policy for how to get your money back.