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Hunting for Duran Duran tickets can feel like you're on a quest for hidden treasure, those elusive passes that seem just out of reach. It's easy to think the best deals are shrouded in mystery, known only to insiders with a secret handshake.

But we're here to light the way, helping you secure your spot at one of the most buzzed-about tours hitting the stage in 2024—the Future Past Tour. With our insights, navigating ticket websites will become as easy as pie.

Our team has spent years in the trenches of music events. We've felt the thrill and the headaches that come from chasing after concert tickets ourselves. Our knack isn't just about finding tickets; it's about making sure fans like you walk away with experiences that are worth every penny—and then some.

Since places like Ticketmaster stand as your go-to source for these golden tickets, rest assured we focus on steering you towards dependable info only. So gear up—Duran Duran is calling your name!

Key Takeaways

  • Duran Duran's Future Past Tour will have concerts in 2023 and 2024 across North America, with ticket prices starting at $67.08 and an average cost of $138.62.
  • Fans can buy tickets from official platforms like Ticketmaster to ensure they are valid, and all purchases come with a 100% Buyer Guarantee.
  • Joining the fan club gives access to pre - sale tickets and might offer discounts or early booking options for the 2024 tour dates.
  • Tips for finding affordable tickets include checking the official website for deals, considering last-minute ticket drops, joining fan clubs, attending festivals where Duran Duran plays, and looking into special package deals.
  • The exact cities and dates for the 2024 tour are not yet announced but could include places like London, Manchester, Leeds, and Birmingham with speculated performances in June or July.


Upcoming Duran Duran Tour Dates and Ticket Prices

The Duran Duran tour is hitting the road with their Future Past Tour, bringing music to fans everywhere. Ticket prices and availability vary, offering options for every type of fan.

Future Past Tour

Duran Duran's Future Past Tour is making waves with dates set for 2023 and 2024 across North America. Fans are buzzing about the chance to see them live, with tickets starting at $67.08.

On average, you might spend about $138.62 to catch a show. This tour isn't just any event; it's a spectacle featuring amazing guests like Bastille and Nile Rodgers & CHIC.

We know everyone's eager to find out where and when they can join the excitement. With special performances lined up, this tour promises unforgettable nights filled with music from one of the most iconic bands around.

Next, we'll guide you on how to secure your spot at these must-see shows...

Ticket prices and availability

Exploring the options for snagging Duran Duran tickets, we’ve gathered some essential details to guide you. With the band hitting the road for their 2024 Future Past Tour, anticipation is high, and so is the demand for tickets. Understandably, fans are eager to lock in their spots at these eagerly awaited shows.

Here's a snapshot of ticket prices and availability:


Location Date Starting Price Availability
New York, NY June 5, 2024 $95 Limited
Los Angeles, CA July 15, 2024 $95 Good
Chicago, IL August 20, 2024 $95 Good
Miami, FL September 10, 2024 $95 Selling Fast


We ensure you get the best bang for your buck by securing your tickets through official platforms, such as Ticketmaster, which is currently selling tickets for the 2024 concert tour dates. Remember, all Duran Duran tickets bought through official sources come with a 100% Buyer Guarantee, providing peace of mind with every purchase.

Given the variability in ticket availability, it's wise to act swiftly to secure your spot at their concerts. Prices start at $95, making it accessible for a wide range of fans to experience the magic of Duran Duran live. Keep an eye on the official Ticketmaster website for the most up-to-date information on tour dates and ticket availability.

How to Purchase Duran Duran Tickets

To get your hands on Duran Duran tickets, start by visiting official ticket sites. Keep an eye out for deals and make sure to check for new tour dates in 2024.

Buying through official platforms

We always buy our Duran Duran event tickets from official platforms. This means getting them straight from the band's official website or fan club. This way, we know our tickets are real and we won't run into any trouble at the door.


Memberships, Presale Tickets, Packages, Merchandise, or Services may not be sold or transferred.


This rule is key. It makes sure everyone has a fair shot at seeing the show. Plus, there's something special about knowing you're part of an exclusive group with access to pre-sale tickets for the 2023 tour - all thanks to being a VIP member of Duran Duran's fan club.

Tips for finding affordable tickets

We know everyone wants to see a Duran Duran show without breaking the bank. Lucky for you, finding affordable tickets is easier than you might think. Here's how we do it:


  1. Check the official Duran Duran website first. They often have deals and presale codes that can save you money.
  2. Join the fan club. This can give you early access to tickets and sometimes at a discount.
  3. Look for last - minute tickets. Sometimes prices drop right before the show.
  4. Consider going to a festival where Duran Duran performs, like the Cruel World Festival in Pasadena, CA, for possibly lower prices.
  5. Don't forget about different package deals—silver VIP packages might come with perks that make them worth the extra cost.


With these tips, we always find good deals on tickets to enjoy Duran Duran's mesmerizing performances without spending too much.

Potential tour dates for 2024

After sharing tips on finding affordable tickets, let's look ahead. Duran Duran has plans for a tour in 2024. Cities like London, Manchester, Leeds, and Birmingham might be on their list.

These shows could happen in June or July.

The exact dates for the 2024 tour are still under wraps. Keep an eye out for official announcements. We're excited to hear more about where they'll play and when we can catch them live.


Getting Duran Duran tickets means you're set for an amazing show. We know the places to buy them—official sites like Ticketmaster are your go-to. Prices change, so check often for the best deal.

Remember, each concert is unique; no meet and greets, but plenty of great music and vibes. And hey, keep an eye on their tour dates for 2024—you don't want to miss out!


1. Where can I find Duran Duran's schedule?

Look online, specifically on their official site or ticket selling platforms. You'll see all the dates and places they're set to perform.

2. How do I buy tickets for a Duran Duran concert?

Simple - visit ticket websites or the band's page right after you check their schedule. Choose your show, pick your seats, and you're good to go.

3. Are there VIP passes available for Duran Duran shows?

Yes, indeed! For fans wanting more than just a seat, VIP options often offer great perks like early entry or exclusive merch.

4. What should I do if a show is sold out?

Don't lose hope – check out fan reselling sites or social media groups dedicated to ticket exchanges; sometimes luck strikes at the last minute!