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Securing tickets to see the Backstreet Boys isn't just about clicking a purchase button; it's about stepping into a legacy of music that has been lighting up lives since April 20th, 1993.

The real challenge for many fans lies not only in finding available tickets but in ensuring they're part of an experience that'll stick with them forever. That's exactly where we step in.

We're here to share insights that will turn your ticket-buying journey from a chore into the exciting start of your concert adventure.

We've ridden along on the Backstreet Boys' journey from their first notes at Seaworld, cheered through their triple platinum successes in Canada, and now we're gearing up for their heart-stopping Hockenheim Ring Glücksgefühle Festival performance coming September 2024.

Our connection to the band is woven from being long-time fans who have also mastered the art of snagging great seats and making each event memorable over the years. So, get ready—because you're about to make your Backstreet Boys concert dream a reality with more ease than you ever imagined possible.

Key Takeaways

  • You can buy Backstreet Boys tickets for their 2024 tour, including a big show at the Hockenheim Ring Glücksgefühle Festival in Germany. Tickets are on sale now.
  • Joining the Backstreet Boys fan club gives you early access to tickets and VIP packages, plus special deals and contests.
  • Look into secondary markets for tickets if they're sold out elsewhere. Be careful with reselling sites where prices may be higher.
  • Meet and greet experiences let fans meet the band up close, making it a memorable part of attending their concerts.
  • Stay updated through their official site and sign up for alerts to get news on ticket sales right away.


Backstreet Boys Tour Dates & Tickets

The Backstreet Boys tour dates are out, and fans can't wait to grab their tickets. Check the schedule, pick a show near you, and get ready for an unforgettable night of music.

Upcoming Events

We're thrilled to share details on the Backstreet Boys' upcoming events, especially their 2024 performances, including a highly anticipated show at the Hockenheim Ring Glücksgefühle Festival in Hockenheim, Germany. Their tour spans various locations, promising unforgettable experiences for fans. Tickets, including VIP packages, are now available for purchase. For those eager to catch them live, check out the tour dates and secure your spot at their electrifying performances.


Date Location Event How to Buy Tickets
2024 Hockenheim, Germany Hockenheim Ring Glücksgefühle Festival


For a full list of their 2024-2025 concerts, visit the official Ticketmaster website. Make sure to grab your tickets early to secure your spot at one of their dynamic shows. See you there!

How to Buy Tickets

After diving into the excitement of upcoming events, getting your hands on Backstreet Boys tickets is the next step. Securing a spot at a Backstreet Boys show means acting fast and knowing where to look. Follow this guide to snap up those tickets.


  1. Start at the source – Visit the official Backstreet Boys website or Ticketmaster.com. These sites are your go-to for the first shot at tickets.
  2. Sign up for alerts – Keep an eye out for sale announcements by joining the Backstreet Boys fan club or subscribing to their newsletter.
  3. Check for pre - sale codes – Often, members of the fan club get early access to tickets through special codes.
  4. Explore meet and greet packages – For an extra special experience, look on backstreetboys.com/events for those exclusive meet and greet options after securing your ticket.
  5. Refresh and repeat – On sale days, be ready to refresh your page right when tickets go live. Sometimes persistence pays off!
  6. Consider multiple dates – If you're flexible, looking at all tour dates might increase your chances of finding available tickets.
  7. Read up on sales tips – Some fans share useful tactics online about how they snagged their tickets; it's worth a look.


Planning ahead and staying alert are key to landing those sought-after Backstreet Boys tickets for their next show or event.

Meet & Greet Experiences

We know fans adore the chance to meet their favorite bands up close. That's why the Backstreet Boys offer VIP meet and greet experiences before their shows. These special moments let fans get personal time with the band, creating unforgettable memories.

Attendees often share how welcoming and not awkward the Backstreet Boys are during these meet-and-greets. It makes every penny spent on these experiences worth it.

The feedback from these VIP events, especially those held in Las Vegas, is always glowing. Fans describe them as highly praised and memorable moments that bring them closer to a band they’ve loved for years.

If you're joining us for an event, consider adding this experience—it's a unique opportunity to interact directly with the Backstreet Boys themselves.

Next up, let’s talk about some tips for snagging those much-coveted tickets...

Tips for Getting Backstreet Boys Tickets

Getting your hands on Backstreet Boys tickets can feel like a big win. Knowing the right tips, like using pre-sale codes from their fan club or checking out secondary markets, makes all the difference.

Pre-sale codes and fan clubs

Joining the Backstreet Boys fan club is like getting a key to exclusive deals. We get early access to tickets and VIP passes, which puts us ahead of everyone else. Fan club members need their username and password ready to dive into these special pre-sales on the fan club website.

It's not just about being first in line; it's our way to ensure we don't miss out on seeing them live.

Besides grabbing those coveted tickets early, being part of the fan club comes with more perks. We're talking contests, giveaways, and even a dedicated Guest Services team ready to help us out.

It makes every event feel special and well-supported from start to finish.


Fan clubs are not just about early ticket access; they're your backstage pass to experiencing music at its best.


Secondary ticket market

The secondary ticket market can be a game-changer for getting your hands on Backstreet Boys event tickets. It's where tickets are resold, often after selling out on the primary market.

Yes, we're talking about those times when you think all hope is lost, and then you find a ticket available online! Ticketmaster has made headlines with its own secondary sales platform.

Here's the catch – they get to collect fees not once, but twice on the same ticket through these resales.

This market isn't just about luck; there are discussions around putting caps on how much prices can jump in this resale zone. You see, some folks want laws to keep ticket prices fair even after they’re sold the first time.

It’s also worth noting that Ticketmaster is known for scooping up extra cash through fees in both primary and secondary markets.

Now let’s talk strategy—how does one navigate this jungle of resales? Well, it begins with knowing where to look and staying updated on legal changes that might impact pricing or availability...

Ticket reselling

After exploring secondary ticket markets, we have to talk about ticket reselling. This happens when people buy tickets only to sell them later for more money. Scalpers do this a lot, making tickets much more expensive than they were at first.

It's a big reason why getting Backstreet Boys schedule tickets can feel like a race against time and wallets.

We'll admit, finding fair prices in the world of resales is tough. The Ticketmaster system often leaves fans scratching their heads, lost in confusion and frustration. Yet some of us end up on resale sites, hunting for that golden ticket after they've sold out elsewhere—even if it means paying way above the original price.


We're always on the lookout for Backstreet Boys tickets. Knowing the tricks, like getting pre-sale codes and checking fan clubs, helps us snag them early. Sometimes, we explore secondary markets for those rare finds.

And let's not forget about VIP experiences – meeting all five members is a dream come true! Keeping our eyes peeled on their official site and Instagram keeps us in the loop for all things Backstreet Boys.

It's all about staying ahead and being quick to act – that’s how we roll when it comes to getting those coveted tickets.


1. Where can I buy Backstreet Boys tickets?

You can buy them online, through ticket selling websites or at the venue's box office.

2. How much do Backstreet Boys tickets cost?

Prices vary based on seat location and concert venue but expect a range from affordable to premium pricing.

3. Can I get a refund if the concert is canceled?

Yes, most places offer refunds for canceled events.

4. Do Backstreet Boys concerts sell out quickly?

Yes, they often do, so it's wise to buy your tickets early.

5. Are there VIP packages available for Backstreet Boys concerts?

Yes, VIP packages are available and include perks like early entry and exclusive merchandise.