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Corporate Packages

Suites For Business

If you are a business owner, it is said that obtaining new customers costs approximately 7x more than retaining existing customers. This makes investing in current clients all the more important. Renting a luxury suite as a business owner and treating your clients or staff to a luxury event experience can provide tremendous benefits for you and your business.


Entertaining staff and clients in a luxury suite creates an incredible experience that will translate into added business, increased employee contentment and productivity, and an improved reputation. Many reputable businesses of all varieties bring customers and staff to premium seating events for numerous reasons.

Build Relationships With Your Current And Potential Customers


On certain occasions, it's important to take meetings out of the office and into a more relaxed atmosphere where people are having fun. By watching events over the course of a few hours you can build rapport with your customers and clientele, and you can more casually demonstrate why they should give you their business.

Motivate Key Leaders


There is nothing more important then rewarding your team's success. If you reward top performering employees with incentives, they will feel valued and continue to perform at a high level!


Strengthen Your Team

The team that plays together, wins together! Strengthen professional relationships and improve teamwork skills by providing your employees or staff with an opportunity to bond and communicate outside of the office.

Why Should My Company Invest in Premium Seating Offerings?


  • Drive business growth and add new business
  • Retain existing customers and provide hospitality to current clients
  • Establish relationships with teams and properties
  • Access premium space for business entertainment
  • Develop client loyalty
  • Cultivate exclusivity and improve your brand's reputation
  • Expand relationships with face-to-face interaction
  • Activate sport sponsorships and increase brand exposure
  • Allow customers access to better seats than they could get on their own
  • Strengthen brand awareness within the community
  • Support business-to-business connections
  • Outcompete your competitors
  • Incorporate luxury seats in business deals as incentives
  • Recognize and reward hard-working employees