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Private vs. Shared Suites

Private vs. Shared Suites

When it comes to choosing which suite is best for you and your needs, there are a few options to choose from. Both private and shared luxury suites provide unparalleled luxury options that are sure to fit your style and your needs.

Shared Luxury Suites/ VIP Boxes for Single or Multiple Events


A shared luxury suite or VIP box means that you purchase a select number of seats in the suite/box and share the space with another group(s). If you are purchasing food or beverages you may need to order separately with the suite/box attendant. You may be able to share similar amenities as that of a private luxury suite, such as VIP parking, VIP entrance, VIP club access, and more.


While sharing a suite provides similar amenities as choosing the private option, you are sharing the space with others. While this may offer you and your group a bit less privacy, there are also many perks to selecting seats in a shared suite; sharing a suite distributes the cost of the suite/box between the attendees, and therefor is often a much more affordable option (especially for individuals or small groups).


Shared VIP boxes are more common than shared suires, and are available at many outdoor amphitheatres for concert events, as well as several indoor arenas, stadiums, and theaters across North America.


Interested in finding out which shared suite/VIP box ticket options are available for an upcoming event near you? The majority of our shared luxury suite and shared VIP box offers can be found by clicking on the “ buy regular tickets” button for your event. The amenities available for your selection suite/VIP box will be listed in the notes.


*Shared luxury suite or VIP box options are typically sought after by groups of 2-8 people.

Private Luxury Suite/VIP Box (For Multiple Events)


Private luxury suites or VIP boxes  will mean that the entire luxury suite or ensure that the entire suite/box is reserved for your group only. Private luxury suites and VIP boxes are usually purchased on a yearly or multi-year basis, meaning that this suite/box is privately yours for this duration. Tickets, parking, and other premium seating features/amenities will be distributed only to your group. Catering services are scheduled for your entire group. Private luxury suites or VIP boxes are well-suited for larger groups or companies desiring their own private luxury event setting. Private suites are only rarely available for single event use only. Amenities often include: VIP parking, VIP entrance, VIP club/lounge access, suite/seat attendant.


*Private luxury suites/VIP boxes are typically sold to one group or business. Private luxury suites/VIP box options are typically sought after by groups of 2-45 people.


Interested renting a private luxury suite or VIP box? At Premium Seating, we specialize in whole private luxury suite/ VIP box rentals. Contact us directly to find out more about your options and to reserve a luxury suite/VIP box at a venue near you!